Outsider-Approved New Albums for November 11, 2022

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Some people believe that 11 is a lucky number. To them, November 11th is the luckiest day of the year. Judging by some of the new albums we got today, those folks might be on to something. We got new music from rock legends, tributes to masterful songwriters, some rock-solid country music, and some very funky progressive ‘grass. I’d say we got lucky today.

New Albums for November 11, 2022

  • Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver – Various Artists (New West Records)
  • Blank Page (EP) – The War & Treaty (Mercury Nashville)
  • Only the Strong Survive – Bruce Springsteen (Columbia Records/Sony Music)
  • Blood Harmony – Larkin Poe (Tricki-Woo)
  • Year of the Dark Horse – The White Buffalo (Snakefarm Records)
  • Brightest of Days – Sicard Hollow (Independent)
  • Best Be on My Way – Jack Schneider (Jeffers Records)
  • Night Comes Falling – Stephen McCarthy & Carla Olsen (Independent)
  • Everything Is at Least Both – Stephan Prigmore (Independent)
  • Mondegreen – David Starling (Opahsahm Records)
  • This Town Was – Porter Howell (Independent)
  • The Land Between – Moon Shine (Independent)
  • Radio John: The Songs of John Hartford – Sam Bush (Smithsonian Folkways Records)
  • Portraits – Mud Morganfield (Delmark Records)
  • On the Run – The Whiskey Charmers (Sweet Apple Pie Records)

Man, this week is stacked with great new albums. I know I’m not the only one who has been counting the days until Live Forever dropped. Also, new tunes from the Boss himself, The War & Treaty, and a new Sam Bush record make this an even better release day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having great weather and are soaking in the sun or if you’re just trying to stay dry this weekend, there’s something here to fit your plans. With that being said, I already know which of these new albums will make up my weekend soundtrack.

Live Forever

Billy Joe Shaver was one of the greatest songwriters to ever pick up a pen. His words helped to build the Outlaw Country movement and you can still hear his influence in country music today. So, you already know that all of the songs on this record are going to be top-notch, and with the incredible list of artists on the record, you know the renditions will be stellar. They tapped Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Rodney Crowell, and plenty more to give ol’ Billy Joe his due on this one. It’s obvious that everyone on the roster “gets it.”

To me, Steve Earle’s rendition of “Ain’t No God in Mexico” is a highlight of the album.

Radio John

The fact that these two tribute records came out on the same day should be a crime. In his first new album in quite a few years, progressive bluegrass legend Sam Bush pays tribute to John Hartford. Hartford was a next-level songwriter who penned tunes like “Gentle on My Mind” and “Long Hot Summer Day,” and plenty more. Bush had the chance to get close to Hartford in the early days of his career. John became a friend and mentor to the younger musician. This album sees Bush playing all of the instruments and singing Hartford songs – all but the title track are covers. Check out Sam Bush’s loving tribute to his friend and mentor, “Radio John” below.

Blood Harmony

If you’re looking for something that will put a little swagger in your step, look no further than the new Larkin Poe album. While there are some softer moments on Blood Harmony, this record sees the Nashville-based sister vocal duo digging deep into their Southern rock roots. The combination of folk, country, blues, and rock fits their vocal delivery and songwriting like a glove. Don’t miss this one. Check out the title track below.