Outsider-Approved New Albums for September 2, 2022

by Clayton Edwards

Well, fellow Outsiders, we made it to September. Football is back, deer season is right around the corner, and you can order pumpkin spice just about anything. Pretty soon it’ll be time to break out the hoodies and watch the leaves change. Until then, we have to deal with some residual heat from the summer. Luckily, some of that heat seeped into this stack of new albums. If you’re looking for some new country music, bluegrass, or Americana to start the month right, you’re in luck.

New Albums for September 2, 2022

  • Live at Gilley’s – Pasadena, TX: September 15th, 1981 – Kris Kristofferson (New West Records)
  • Mr. Saturday Night  – Jon Pardi (Capitol Records Nashville)
  • Walk Home (EP)– Drayton Farley (Hargrove Records)
  • Things I Tell My Therapist – Brittany Collins (Pacific Northwest Records)
  • Eagle Number 65 – Lloyd Maines (Independent)
  • Guardian – Ragland (Independent)
  • The Adventures of a Psychedelic Cowboy – The Sensational Country Blues Wonders (Independent)
  • Hold On – Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen (Compass Records)
  • Wonderland – Martha Spencer (Gingham Rose Records)
  • Waters Rise – King Margo (Torrez Music Group)
  • Concrete Prairie – Concrete Prairie (Good Deeds Music)

This is another one of those weeks that didn’t bring new albums from many big names but still managed to deliver some stellar tunes. Jon Pardi released a killer country album, as usual. Then, there’s the great vintage live album from Kristofferson. For many, those will rightfully be the stars of the show today. However, there’s plenty more to carry you into the holiday weekend. Here’s what I’ll be listening to for the next few days.

Walk Home

I don’t care if it’s an album, a single, or an EP, any day we get new music from Drayton Farley is a good day. In his 2021 album A Hard Up Life, Farley tapped into a special kind of working-class vulnerability in both his writing and delivery. Listeners felt every word of those obviously lived-in songs. Walk Home brings more of the same. If you’re looking for expertly-penned songs that will put you right in the middle of your feelings, put this one on.

“Friends Alike”

Hold On

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more upbeat, then Hold On might scratch that itch. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen put together one hell of a progressive bluegrass album here. The fiery bluegrass arrangements are a great backdrop for Solivan’s smooth vocals. This record doesn’t just sound good, though. It feels good. There’s a spirit of optimism that sits at the heart of the album. In a statement about Hold On, Solivan said, “…my goal is to bring some joy, peace, and comfort to anyone listening to the songs presented here. My hope is that the listener will be able to relate and will have these songs help them get through difficult times.”

If you’re having a rough one, Hold On is a damn fine mood elevator.

“Hold On”

Eagle Number 65

If you love the sound of the steel guitar, don’t skip this new album from Lloyd Maines. Eagle Number 65 is the Grammy-winning producer, session player, and Austin City Limits Hall of Famer’s debut record. According to Maines’ Bandcamp page, the instrumental album features Maines and four of his grandkids and his expert pedal steel playing is front and center.

“Steel Guitar Rag”