Outsider-Approved New Albums for September 9, 2022

by Clayton Edwards

This has been a great week for country music. We got new music from Cole Chaney, Tyler Childers announced a new album and released a couple of songs, and now we have this stack of new releases. With Drayton Farley’s new EP, Kristofferson’s Live at Gilley’s, and Jon Pardi’s new record dropping last week, and Childers’ new gospel-adjacent collection coming at the end of the month, September is shaping up to be one of the best months for music this year.

New Albums for September 9, 2022

  • The Man from Waco – Charley Crockett (Son of Davy Records)
  • OurVinyl Sessions – Cole Chaney (OurVinyl TV, Inc.)
  • Sleeping Dogs – Damn Tall Buildings (Independent)
  • Throwed off and Glad – Pug Johnson & The Hounds (Independent)
  • I Draw Slow – I Draw Slow (Compass Records)
  • California Centuries – Laura Benitez & The Heartache (Copperhead Records)
  • Electric Mountain – Derek Hoke (3Sirens Music Group)
  • Back in Business Again – The Hooten Hollers (Independent)
  • Let’s Go! – The Hungry Williams (Rochelle Records)
  • Back on the Road to You – Freedy Johnston (Forty Below Records)
  • Hair on Fire – Jake La Botz (Hair on Fire Records)
  • Small Towns – Stillhouse Junkies (Dark Shadow Records)
  • A Couple 2, 3.. – Jonathan Terrell (Range Music Partners)
  • Stranger – Clayton Smith & His Enemies (Rye Boys Records)
  • Messages from Aphrodite – Lauren Monroe (Independent)
  • The North Fork – Deb Morrison (Blackbird Record Label)
  • Flowers from the Fray – Satsang (Satsang Records)
  • Patient Number 9  – Ozzy Osbourne (Epic Records)

The last couple of weeks haven’t brought us new albums from big names. This week, however, is different. We’ve got a new record from Charley Crockett, one of the most interesting and prolific young artists in country music. Then, we have a new release from Ozzy Osbourne. If you got stuck on those two albums and missed the rest, no one could blame you. But, there’s plenty more new music out there to really flesh out your weekend soundtrack. Let’s dive in.

A Couple 2, 3…

This isn’t actually a new album, it’s an EP but it was just too good to ignore.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Springsteen was a country singer from Texas? Me either. After hearing Jonathan Terrell’s new EP, I have the answer to a question I never asked. It’s great. There’s a subtle strain of heartland rock that runs through Terrell’s brand of guitar-driven country music. Keys, harmonica, and pedal steel fill out the sound. The result is a collection of songs that make it difficult to sit still.

However, this six-track collection isn’t just something to scoot your boots to. Terrell is a compelling storyteller. While the sonic backdrop on this album is great, tuning into the lyrics is what really hooked me. It doesn’t matter if he’s singing about heartache, hard times, new love, or his home state, Terrell doesn’t miss. If you’re looking for some damn fine Texas country to kick off your weekend, this is the one for you.

“Place Out Back”

Small Towns

The Stillhouse Junkies are an IBMA Award-winning bluegrass trio from Colorado. They blend the sound of Appalachia with the rhythm and storytelling of the Rockies. The result is a wonderful and unique strain of progressive ‘grass.

The instrumentation here is excellent. Alissa Wolf might be one of the best fiddlers in the game today. Additionally, this album contains bass solos. There aren’t enough bass solos in roots music. However, the vocals are my favorite part of this record, especially when the trio comes together for three-part harmony. The acapella intro on “Evergreen” will give you chills.

If you’re looking for some bluegrass to put some pep in your step this weekend, this is the new album for you.

California Centuries

If you enjoy Charley Crockett’s music, you should check this album out. It has the same kind of vintage country music at its heart. However, where Crockett looks to Gulf Coast soul and R&B to beef up his country roots, Benitez draws from rock and bluegrass. Like Crockett, though, classic country style and a timeless voice are front and center throughout the project.

Lyrically, this album covers a lot of ground. There’s “Gaslight (We Shouldn’t Talk About It)” is a hard-hitting commentary on mass shootings. “Are You Using Your Heart” tells the classic story of a relationship that starts in a bar and ends in heartache. Then, there’s “A Love Like Yours” which is a sweet and earnest love song.

If you only listen to one of these new albums, let it be this one.

“Are You Using Yout Heart”