Outsider Exclusive: Isaac Hoskins Announces New Album ‘Bender’ with Lead Single ‘Panhandle Wind’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Peter Salisbury via IVPR)

You may not know the name Isaac Hoskins yet, but before the year is out, you will. Hoskins has been making music for more than a decade. But, within the last few years, he decided to knuckle down and make a serious go at the country music world. In 2009, he released his debut album Half Empty. Then, after 11 years of waiting, he dropped Sell the Farm in 2020. This time, he isn’t waiting that long to introduce the world to new music.

Isaac Hoskins’ third studio album Bender is coming on December 2nd. For his new record, Hoskins dug deep into his varied influences. He grew up in Kansas and relocated to Texas as an adult. As a result, his sound straddles the fence between folky heartland Americana and Texas country. Listening to Bender will be like wrapping yourself in a quilt made up of various American musical traditions to stay warm against the cruel prairie wind. Hoskins’ songwriting and dyed-in-the-wool country delivery create the hearty thread that holds it all together.

Tomorrow, Isaac Hoskins will release the lead single from Bender to the world. However, Outsider readers get a sneak peek at what’s to come. Check out “Panhandle Wind” below and start counting the days until December 2nd.

Isaac Hoskins on “Panhandle Wind”

In a recent interview with Outsider, Isaac Hoskins said that the song just came to him while driving across Texas. “I was driving out to Lubbock and, growing up in Kansas I had never seen that much dust flying across the road,” he recalled. The dust was so thick that it dropped visibility to nearly nothing. As a result, Isaac had to pull over and wait it out. “So,” he said, “I started writing.”

Isaac Hoskins said that he wrote part of the song and let it sit in his pocket for a while. Then, the rest of the song came to him after visiting his mother. “She lives in northwest Oklahoma. It’s a great place and a great place to be from. There’s just not a whole lot going on. I imagined what it would be like to be a teenager or somebody in their early 20s sticking around there,” he said.

Isaac Hoskins added that “Panhandle Wind” allowed him to do something he’s been wanting to do for quite some time. “I always wanted to write a song like this,” Hoskins said. “To me, it’s like a Radney Foster-style song or a Tom Petty song.”

It’s an interesting benchmark to set that showcases Isaac Hoskins’ regional influences. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers made some of the best heartland rock you’ll ever hear. Radney Foster is a famed Texas songwriter who is co-wrote several songs for The Randy Rogers Band among others.