Outsider Premiere: Outdoorswoman and Country Singer Becca Bowen Releases Her New Single ‘Home’

by Blake Ells

“Home” is the latest single by Becca Bowen, and Outsider is debuting it today. The self-described “country Barbie” is looking forward to the new music. Check out the music video below.

She talked to us more about the video process.

“‘Home’ tells the story of a woman who is feeling alone although she is in a relationship,” she said. “I knew for this video I wanted a simple setting in Tennessee to give a visual of the loneliness that she is feeling. The director found a beautiful spot called Beech Grove Historic Venue where it was filmed. The scenery of wooded areas and mountains really captured the solitude that I was wanting to convey. The day truly was just magical. I have always loved the outdoors and I was certainly in my element.”

She had truck issues on the shoot.

“I will say we did have a funny incident happen after filming,” she said. “I drive a truck and it had rained the night before. Somehow, I had almost got stuck in the mud in front of the venue. Thankfully, I have four wheel drive, but on the way out I was slinging mud. I drove to my place and parked. When I got out, I slipped from the mud on my running boards right in front of a stranger and fell to the ground.”

Becca Bowen Began Her Career on the Outdoor Channel

Becca Bowen was on the Outdoor Channel show For Love or Likes. She talked to us more about that experience.

“Being on the Outdoor Channel was one of the best experiences I have had,” she said. “Before the show I never had the chance to hunt outside of South Carolina. To be able to travel and hunt in Louisiana for me was a dream come true. I have always been a little misunderstood because I do like being glamorous when I’m on stage, but my heart is that of a Southern girl who loves the outdoors. I think sometimes people can judge a book by its cover and have assumptions of who they think I am. Through the unfolding of this show, people saw the real me. The down-home country girl that loves God, family and being in the outdoors just enjoying life.”

Meanwhile, her latest album titled Like You’ve Never Been Loved drops on November 4. It includes a track written by Lee Brice.

“When I first heard the song ‘Boy’ which Lee Brice co-wrote, I was blown away. It is such a powerful country song. The lyrics are full of emotion and I know that others will love it as much as I do. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself because it does feel like a dream when I am pitched music from the people that I admire.”

She has several tracks on the record written by country’s best. Brian Vaughan directed the video for “Home.” He also directed the 2021 CMT Video of the Year for Gabby Barrett. Becca Bowen will be at Skydeck in Nashville on October 19.