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Parker McCollum Is All of Us With His Reaction After Finally Watching the ‘Cheers’ Series Finale

by Craig Garrett
Parker McCollum
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Parker McCollum recently revealed he’s a fan of the classic sitcom Cheers and is reeling after finally watching the finale. Many of us have felt the sting of a favorite show wrapping up for good, but McCollum seemed to take it extra hard. “I have watched every season of Cheers over and over again,” the country crooner tweeted. “But never watched the last episode. Finally watched it just now. I almost cried. I wish it would have gone on forever.”

Cheers is a hallmark of classic tv. It ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993 and spun off the wildly popular Fraiser. Ted Danson played womanizing bartender, Sam Malone. It was an anchor of “Must See TV” and helped usher in hits like Seinfeld. It’s been in reruns and is now a streaming staple, so generations have grown up with the show. Many McCollum fans agreed with his assessment of not wanting the iconic series to end.

Parker McCollum fans react to the country star’s ‘Cheers’ tears

“That’s how I feel at the end of your shows,” a fan Tweeted.”I just want to have the serotonin I feel at your concerts every day.” Another McCollum follower that must be an old-school Cheers fan pointed out how special the finale was when it first aired. “That finale was an amazing show,” they tweeted. “Bob Costas actually did about an hour pregame before they aired it, the cast was live on The Tonight Show afterward. The last exchange between Sam & Norm might be one of the best endings of all time. Epic!”

“100%,” another fan tweeted. They also noted the recent passing of Cheers cast member, Kirstie Alley., “It was one of the oldest shows that up until recently with Kirstie Alley’s passing that could’ve done a reunion show with the full cast. It would’ve been fantastic for sure. I’m hoping they do something on the Frasier reboot with the Cheers gang.”

Parker McCollum and his faithful fans closed 2022 on a high note, marked by sold-out performances, an ACM New Male Artist of the Year award, and McCollum’s wedding to Hallie Ray Light. Enthusiastic supporters can look forward to another incredible year with new music from the star in 2023; we’ve already heard snippets of “Lessons From An Old Man” and “Stoned,” plus his previously released song called “Handle On You.”

After a much-needed vacation from touring, McCollum will be hitting the road again in February and joining forces with Morgan Wallen as an opening act later this year. That gives him a couple of weeks to take in a new tv show or two. Maybe to get over Cheers, he can marathon Ted Danson’s recent series, The Good Place.