Parker McCollum Looks Back on the Lessons He Learned in 2022

by Clayton Edwards
( Photo credit: Connie Chornuk via Getty Images)

Parker McCollum released his debut EP in 2013. Since then, the Texas native has been climbing his way to the top of the country music world. Last year, he released his major label debut Gold Chain Cowboy and it changed the trajectory of his career. The album peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. That was just the beginning of his rise. This year, McCollum landed Gold and Platinum certifications alongside some major chart success and accolades trophies from the ACM and CMT Awards.

More importantly, Parker McCollum came away from this whirlwind year with wisdom. He made a few mistakes in 2022 and learned some lessons from them. This, he says will keep him from experiencing the dreaded “sophomore slump” in the coming year.

Recently, Parker McCollum spoke to Taste of Country about making mistakes and moving forward.

Parker McCollum on the Gaining Experience

When asked how Parker McCollum plans to continue his career’s upward motion, he said, “I think it kind of does it on its own. You just gain so much experience – and I made so many mistakes this year and years past. I’ve always tried to really learn and making mistakes is fine as long as you learn from them and grow from them.”

McCollum added that he can see that growth within his team on the road. “Our machine is so well-oiled on the road that we kind of subconsciously learn from those mistakes and fix things. Every year, it gets better and better and bigger and bigger. I don’t think next year will be any different.”

However, Parker McCollum said that one major lesson he learned this year will see him making some adjustments to his touring schedule in the new year. “I’ve learned to say no a little more this year and just take care of my voice and what was best for me and the guys,” he said. Before, McCollum said, he was “just always trying to do more than anybody else and tour more than anybody else.”

In the new year, Parker McCollum says he will focus on quality over quantity when it comes to touring. “I think we’ve done enough to where next year we’ll play a few less shows,” he said. He added that he believes playing fewer shows will help make the shows he plays even better.

McCollum’s 2023 Tour

Earlier this month, Parker McCollum announced his 2023 spring tour. The fifteen-stop trek kicks off in February at Columbus, Ohio’s Palace Theater. McCollum will wrap the tour in April at Rio Rancho in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Catie Offerman, Corey Kent, and Larry Fleet will join him on select dates. Check out the full list of dates and supporting acts below.