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Parker McCollum Previews Unreleased Song ‘Lessons From An Old Man’

by Brett Stayton
Parker McCollum Previews Unreleased Song _Lessons From An Old Man_
(Photo by: Katie Kauss/Getty Images)

Like a fine wine or barrel-aged bourbon, Parker McCollum’s music just seems to be getting better with time and seasoning. He just shared a preview for an unreleased heater titled Lessons From An Old Man. The nostalgic-sounding new song just might wind up being pure country music gold.

Comparing his new tunes to the stuff he wrote in his younger years showcases McCollum’s growth as a man and a songwriter. Life has changed a lot for him over the past few years. With his two new songs, Stoned and Handle On You riding high, and big things on the way for next year, it’s safe to say Things Are Looking Up for Texas’s next big country music superstar.

Certain things you only can only learn from life experience or by absorbing knowledge from folks in older generations. This song sounds like a summation of real-life wisdom exuded by an old man who has been around the block a time or two. Its lyrical theme gives off similar vibes to Billy Currington’s People Are Crazy or Some Of It by Eric Church.

Lessons From An Old Man Might Be Parker McCollums Next Big Hit

McCollum recently shared that he learned a lot of important lessons about his music and himself in 2022. It’s safe to say that is something that has been reflected in his songwriting.

Stoned, dives deep into loneliness, self-doubt, misunderstanding, and self-medication. It’s an honest and reflective song that reverberates a sobering self-awareness about lifestyle choices. That song is the musical equivalent of a “left-handed cigarette.” His other new song Handle On You is comparatively a right hand holding a glass of damn good whiskey on the rocks. Its song is about a man’s emotional exploration of himself through trying to patch up a broken heart with a bottle of booze.

Those juxtaposing themes of personal maturation mixed with a good buzz are a hell of a combo. The songs are lyrically deeper and sonically more laid back than some of his other more hell-raising barn-storming tunes like The Truth, Misunderstood. His new two most recent songs share a similar theme but are less sad than his song Pretty Heart.

Though a good rip and some nips of bourbon can teach you a lot about life, those lessons fail in comparison to things you can pick up from some of the absolute living legends you may meet in life, like whoever this baller old man in McCollum’s new song is, who apparently imparted enough wisdom that it inspired new music. Shout out to that old man, and shout out to McCollum for getting music fans excited about what’s next from him. Pumped to see how the rest of the story he’s trying to tell through this song shakes out.

The Country Music Star Is Prepared For A Monstrous 2023

Parker McCollum is prepared for a monstrous 2023. He’ll be headlining his own cross-country tour throughout much of the spring and summer. That run of shows includes two sold-out nights as the main act at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. He’ll also be joining up with Morgan Wallen for select shows on the One Night At A Time Tour. Additionally, he’s the headlining act for the opening day of next year’s Houston Rodeo too. It’s considered a premier bucket list type of show for Texas-based musicians.

With a huge year on the horizon, McCollum appears to be relaxing and recharging his batteries in the great outdoors. He recently shared photos of a successful duck hunting trip in Arkansas. He also and some time spent deer hunting back in Texas.