Parker McCollum Reveals His Role in the Upcoming Docu-Series ‘They Called Us Outlaws’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Country music star Parker McCollum is making the jump from the stage to the screen in an upcoming docu-series titled They Called Us Outlaws. And in a recent interview, he finally revealed what his role will be.

The 12-hour series explores the outlaw era of country music and how it continues to influence modern artists. In the episodes, director Eric Geadelman and Grammy Hall of fame recipient Jessi Colter interview both the singers who lived through the generation and the newer artists who continue to follow their leads.

The filmmakers have been collecting candid stories for over a decade, which means that legends who have passed, such as Johnny Cash, Guy Clark, and Billy Joe Shaver, were able to make appearances. Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson are also among the OGs who sat for interviews.

Modern artists include Eric Church, Margo Price, Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, and Parker McCollum. Overall, the footage will include over 100 interviews.

McCollum recently met with Country Now to talk about his career and also about life as a newly married man. McCollum said “I do” to longtime girlfriend Hallie Ray Light in March. And he also teased some details about working on We Were Outlaws.

Parker McCollum Proves That the Outlaws Continue to Influence Younger Generations

The 30-year-old shared that he and Geadelman are close friends. So when he began working on the project, McCollum was excited to help. He admitted that his part in the series is “real small” and “not very important.” He also clarified that while he’s “not an outlaw,” they play a major role in his career.

”[Geadelman] took me some really cool places to do some interviews for that documentary,” he said. “I grew up extremely heavily influenced by those guys. You know the whole, live the songs you write, I did that for a long time, as hard as I could. And we wrote some decent songs from that I think.”

“I totally got that mentality from them of going to those places to write those songs and doing that stuff to yourself to write those songs and got all of that from them. So I think Eric kind of wanted maybe a younger perspective and to kind of show that those guys have influenced so many generations and are continuing to influence them still to this day. So just to get to be a small part of that was pretty insane.”

Geadelman hasn’t announced exactly when We Were Outlaws will drop. But the first official trailer revealed that it will be sometime in 2023.