PHOTO: Luke Bryan Captures Moment His Son Tate Catches ‘First Shoal Bass’

by Jonathan Howard

More Luke Bryan more fishing stories. This one might be the only moment that could top the country music singer’s 11-pound catch last week. A big week of fishing for the Bryan family as Tate caught his first-ever shoal bass. It’s always exciting to catch a new type of fish, even different bass.

Bryan is always one to play the proud dad role. So, you know he was itching to share the pic he took with Tate and the fish. Some good old-fashioned father-son bonding.

Check out the post below and see for yourself.

“Tate’s first shoal bass. Hell of a fishing week for me,” the caption says. And, that’s not Luke Bryan taking credit for his son’s catch, that’s just a dad proud to see his son do something new and have fun while doing it. That’s all you can really ask for.

If I keep looking at Bryan’s Instagram, I’m going to have to get the rod and reel out… like tomorrow. The warm weather has been calling, and I’ve got a few little spots I’d like to try out. Hopefully, all of us Outsiders have as good of luck on our next fishing trips as the Bryan family had in the last week.

Shoal bass are near fish, too. Native to Florida and Georgia, the fish are one of the black bass that populates North America. Typically, these fish are dark green, appearing to be black on top, with stripes going vertically down the sides of the fish. As you get close to the belly, the green lightens up, appearing a bit yellow, until you get to the white underside. A fun and formidable foe when casting a line.

Luke Bryan’s Lifetime Best

Luke Bryan likes to use his off time wisely. So, he got his line in the water and went after some big fish this last week. He isn’t going to post about a decent fish. He’s only going to give his followers the best of the best. Plus, he couldn’t contain his excitement anyway, this video was going to make the rounds no matter what.

In the South and midwest, there are your standard fish. Bluegill, bass, catfish, and sometimes trout. Bass fishing is always fun, even the small ones put up a fight. And all his life, Bryan has wanted to catch a 10-pounder. That day finally came last week.

This is a great start to your summer if you’re Luke Bryan. You nail your biggest fish ever, your son nabs his first shoal bass – that’s a great couple of days. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make sure that my tackle boxes are all packed and ready to go.