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PHOTOS: See First Look at Shania Twain Performing in Beauty and the Beast

by Suzanne Halliburton

Country music fans, want to see Shania Twain in an entirely different way? Watch ABC’s live-action Beauty and the Beast tonight to see the superstar perform as Mrs. Potts.

Yes, Twain plays a teapot, thanks to a witch’s curse (and some Hollywood magic). The two-hour special goes live tonight, from 7 to 9 p.m. on ABC. You can start streaming it Friday on Disney+. The show blends live-action with some animation and it definitely gives TV viewers a change of pace from all the cop and reality shows.

ABC released some preview photos this week. So we now can see what Shania Twain will look like as said teapot. She’ll also have a son, Chip, portrayed by Leo Abelo Perry.

Shania Twain is one of the stars on Beauty and the Beast. (ABC)

Lots of Other Big Names Join Shania Twain in Tonight’s Special

The show honors the 30th anniversary of Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast. It received an Academy Award nomination for best picture in 1992. The ABC special will give fans all the classics from the 30-year-old movie. Plus, the network said there will be new songs added to the festive special.

And Shania Twain is one of many stars who have signed on for the special. The singer known as H.E.R., who has won Grammys and an Academy Award, stars as Belle. Josh Groban plays the Beast. Joshua Henry is Gaston, while legendary actress and Academy Award winner Rita Moreno is the special’s narrator. Martin Short is Lumière and David Alan Grier plays Cogsworth. Rizwan Manji is LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick. Meanwhile, Jon Briones is Maurice, Belle’s dad.


If you remember your fairy tales, a sorceress cast a spell on an arrogant prince to open Beauty and the Beast. The witch turns the prince into a Beast, while his servants morph into household items like teapots and candles. The prince can reverse the spell only if he falls in love “before the last petal falls.”

And since the fairy tale has been told for centuries, this isn’t a spoiler alert. Belle is Beast’s true love.

Call 2022 the Year of Shania. But 2023 Could Be Even Better

Shania Twain is enjoying a career resurgence. It’s not like she ever faded away. But the 57-year-old, who dominated the 1990s country scene, is releasing a new album. Plus, she kicks off a world tour in early 2023. Then there’s her acting career. She appeared as herself in an episode of Monarch this fall.

And last week, she took the stage at the People’s Choice Awards. The PCA presented her with the Music Icon Award. So Twain walked the red carpet in a black and faux leopard gown, which was a modern-day nod to her vintage look from the 1990s. Sporting pink-colored hair, Twain sang a medley of her greatest hits.

Now, she’s playing the part originated on screen by classic TV star Angela Lansbury. Twain may not want to close the book on 2022 as everyone else welcomes 2023 in 16 more days.