Radio Station Fires Back After Jamey Johnson Tears Them a New One on Stage

by Blake Ells

Jamey Johnson went off on a Nebraska radio station over the weekend. The Grand Ole Opry member was performing at “Lincoln on the Streets” and between sets, a local radio crew came on stage to banter with the crowd. Johnson wasn’t pleased with the gesture that he believed to be a bit hollow.

“There was a radio station that came out on this stage uninvited to run a little pep rally before I came out,” Jamey Johnson began his rant. “I feel like I oughta tell you, I don’t care what radio station you listen to in the morning, they’re all good. They’re all good and they’re no better than any of the other ones. And the thing is, none of them play my music, so why should they be up on my stage playing to you? I thought we had a good deal worked out. Y’all don’t play my music, and I don’t play yours, so stay the f*** off my stage. Kicks whatever the f*** your name is, who gives a s***?”

Fans agreed and roared their approval of the profanity-laced tirade.

New Country KX 96.9 was the station. Now, they’re responding to Jamey Johnson’s comments. Saving Country Music spoke to the radio team.

Radio Station Responds to Jamey Johnson

“They were personally hurt more than anything else, because they’re all fans,” said Rob Kelley of Alpha Media. “That’s the worst part. Our station is kind of unique. Are we a mainstream station? Yes we are. But we also play a lot of Red Dirt music, not in a huge rotation, but we also play music that’s way out of the box compared to other stations. I’ve probably got 400 spins on Bailey Zimmerman. I bet I’ve got 400 spins on Zach Bryan. Both of those songs are in medium on my playlist. We do have a corporate recommended list, but it really only comes down to about 20 songs with the hits that are happening right now. We play Aaron Watson; we play Wade Bowen.”

The DJs took it well. They took to social media to joke about the incident. The radio station has a partnership with the Bourbon Theater, which puts on the event. That’s how they ended up on the scene.

“We’re promoting it through our socials, doing ticket giveaways for Jamey Johnson,” said Kelley. “So somewhere in the mix of this, management cleared us to be up there to do that. So it took us all by shock more than anything. We’ve never been despised by somebody like that on stage.”

“Husker” Nick Gregath is one of the DJs that was on the receiving end of the tirade. But he says that he’s still a big fan of Jamey Johnson’s. He joked that he’s just mad that Johnson didn’t play “Mowin’ Down the Roses” or “Lonesome Song.”