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Randall King Burns Up the Dance Floor in the New Video for ‘You in a Honky Tonk’

by Clayton Edwards
Randall King performs at CMAFest 2022
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Randall King made waves when he released his major label debut Shot Glass last March. The album was packed with the kind of traditional country music that has made King so popular in Texas and with country fans across the nation. However, the Texas native isn’t just aping the sounds of yesterday. It’s clear that he’s making the music that he wants to hear. Every track on Shot Glass felt fresh and new while still sounding like a blast from the past.

Randall King strikes that same kind of balance with the new music video for “You in a Honky Tonk” which dropped earlier today. The video sees King enjoying an evening in a honky tonk bar. The watering hole is packed with beautiful ladies and fellas who are dressed to the nines in their best pearl snap shirts and Stetson hats. The scene combined with the throwback style of “You in a Honky Tonk” make the whole thing feel like a trip back in time. However, there is one incredibly modern touch – a TikTok line dance.

TikTok users created the sultry “You in a Honky Tonk” line dance to fit the sexy vibe of the song. Throughout the video, you’ll see plenty of patrons pair off and cut a rug with the social media-inspired dance.

Fans of Randall King have been cranking “You in a Honky Tonk” since he released the song as a single in 2021. Brandon Day, John King, and Matt Rogers co-penned the song. In a statement, Randall opened up about making the video.

Randall King on the “You in a Honky Tonk” Video

First, it’s important to point out some interesting Easter eggs in the video. For instance, the bartender that Randall King is flirting with throughout the video is his girlfriend. Also, they shot the video in Lebanon, Tennessee’s Cahoots Dance Hall & Honky Tonk. King also shot the video for “Record High” there and it was the site of his first-ever headlining show in the Volunteer State.

“In West Texas, if you don’t keep ‘em on the dance floor, you aren’t doing your job. When I booked my first headlining gig in Tennessee, I couldn’t believe we pre-sold-out Cahoots Dance Hall & Honky Tonk,” Randall King said in a statement. Since then, Cahoots has become a special place for King.

“It’s kinda become a tradition to bring these songs to life there just like I remember that first night on their stage,” he added.

Additionally, Randall King talked about getting the originators of the TikTok dance based on his song in the video. “Naturally, when it came time to shoot the music video, we had to have the ‘You in a Honky Tonk Two Step’ featured,” he said. “Who better to star in this than the ones who made it famous?”