Randy Houser Prefaces New Album Ahead of November Release With New Song ‘Rub a Little Dirt on It’

by Shelby Scott

Randy Houser has a brand new album, Note to Self, coming out later this fall. However, ahead of its November debut, the country music star is previewing the project with another new song, “Rub a Little Dirt on It.” Take a listen to the new offering below.

According to Taste of Country, “Rub a Little Dirt on It” follows the release of other new Randy Houser tracks. Two include “Workin’ Man” and “Still That Cowboy.” The trio of songs provides listeners with a taste of what to expect from Houser’s new album Note to Self. The album’s title track dropped earlier this year. “Note to Self” is both the first release of the 10-track album and his first new single since 2019.

The nostalgic song kicks off with the lines, “I heard it the first time I skinned my knee/Daddy said ‘Don’t be scared to bleed’/Years later from a football coach/Took a hit, couldn’t quit/It was fourth and goal.” Moving through the lyrics, the song reminds us to brush the dust off when we get knocked down. It also encourages us to revel in simple things. Examples include fishing and floating on a lake and taking in an evening sunset.

Per the outlet, “Rub a Little Dirt on It” is written by Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tindell, and Randy Houser. Aside from a brand new album, Randy Houser also has some acting credits coming up while simultaneously preparing to welcome another child.

Randy Houser Accidentally Revealed Baby News

Earlier this summer, Randy Houser made a major slip-up and accidentally revealed during an interview that he and his wife Tatiana are expecting their second child this October. The baby news is certainly positive. And though the couple is experienced with infants after welcoming their first child in 2019, Houser nevertheless got in trouble for sharing the news a little too soon.

While speaking on Taste of Country Nights, Randy Houser revealed that the baby reveal was a complete accident. To the outlet, he said, “I sort of thought the interview was over. I made a really horrible joke, that was like a complete dad joke. I got quoted on it and then my wife was horrified.”

The major slip-up came while Randy Houser was doing an interview with Kiss Country 99.9’s TC & Dina B. Speaking about his son, the singer joked at the time, “I put the milk back in the coconut, and here we go.”

Of his wife, he said, “She wasn’t wanting to announce this pregnancy.” Of the disastrous interview, he continued, “I kind of thought — it was kind of like at the end of it and we were just kind of chatting, and then all of a sudden, boom.”

Hopefully, with baby soon to be here, Tatiana doesn’t hold too much of a grudge. Though we do also hope that Randy Houser has learned his lesson about sharing baby news prematurely.