Randy Rogers Band Goes Back to Its Roots With Upcoming Album, ‘Homecoming’

by Jim Casey

Randy Rogers Band will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut studio album, Like It Used to Be, by dropping a new album, Homecoming, on October 14. The 11-song set features a number of familiar names, including songwriters Jon Randall, Jack Ingram, Parker McCollum, and Radney Foster, who also produced the project.

Homecoming is a renaissance orchestrated by Radney Foster,” said Randy Rogers. “We went back to our roots working with Radney again, as well as recording this record at two iconic studios that produced some of our most successful music. Dance with the one that brought you.”

RRB recorded the upcoming project at both Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, and Cedar Creek Recording Studio in Austin, Texas. Of course, the band has history at both studios. RRB recorded many songs from their 2004 breakout album, Rollercoaster, and 2006 album, Just a Matter of Time, at Cedar Creek, while Dockside was home base for their 2008 self-titled project, among others. Radney produced the three aforementioned albums.

‘Nothing But Love Songs’ From RRB

After releasing the album’s first song, “Picture Frames,” in October 2021, RRB shared the album’s second song, “Nothing But Love Songs,” on July 27. Penned by Rogers, Radney Foster, and Jon Randall, the forlorn tune is full of fiddle and electric guitar.

“This song embodies the sound that created the last two decades of touring for our band,” said Randy Rogers. “Recorded and written with Radney Foster, it’s a return to the origins of the Randy Rogers Band.”

In a musical landscape where bands come and go, Randy’s band of merry revelers looks—and sounds—much like it did two decades ago with the same five guys. That’s a testament to Randy, who treats his band like family. But that would all be for naught if he wasn’t also making great music along the way.

Listen to “Nothing But Love Songs” below.

‘Homecoming’ Track List & Songwriters

  1. “I Won’t Give Up” (Randy Rogers, Radney Foster, Jim Beavers)
  2. “Nothing But Love Songs” (Randy Rogers, Jon Randall, Radney Foster
  3. “Fast Car” (Randy Montana, Wendell Mobley, Lee Miller)
  4. “Over You Blues” (Randy Rogers, Sean McConnell)
  5. “Leaving Side of Town” (Randy Rogers, Radney Foster)
  6. “Picture Frames” (Randy Rogers, Drew Kennedy)
  7. “Know That by Now” (Randy Rogers, Lee Miller, Jon Randall, Jack Ingram)
  8. “Small Town Girl Goodbye” (Randy Rogers, Randy Montana)
  9. “Heart for Just One Team” (Randy Rogers, John Baumann)
  10. “Where’d You Run off To” (Randy Rogers, Parker McCollum, Randy Montana)
  11. “Bottle of Mine” (Randy Rogers, Radney Foster)