Randy Rogers Band Opens Up About Their New Album ‘Homecoming’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Suzi Pratt/WireImage via Getty Images)

Last week, the Randy Rogers Band released their 9th studio album Homecoming. Fans of the band have been eagerly waiting for Homecoming since the band announced it. Those who stumbled upon it after it dropped were blown away. For those who have been wanting some new smoking-hot Red Dirt country music, this album ticked all the boxes.

Homecoming is the result of a band that has been touring and cutting albums for more than 20 years. More than that, Randy Rogers says that it’s a celebration of the band’s longevity. To make the album even more special, RRB went to the studios where they cut their biggest albums and the producer who was with them in the early days of their career.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Randy Rogers talked about the band, the new album, and more.

Randy Rogers Band Went Back to Their Roots for Homecoming

Randy Rogers Band enlisted Radney Foster to produce the album. They cut the songs in two studios – Dockside Studio in Louisiana and Cedar Creek in Texas. The band recorded their 2008 self-titled record at Dockside and 2004’s Rollercoaster at Cedar Creek.

“It just felt like we were back in our 20s and hungry again, it was nice,” Randy Rogers said of getting the band together to record the album. “It felt like home, which is where the album title came from… like it was supposed to be.”

Homecoming Is a Celebration

Randy Rogers knows that the band’s latest record is good enough to speak for itself. “I’ve done this for so long and done so many interviews and so many press events where I’m professing the fact that this is the best sh*t we’ve ever put out. I don’t plan on doing that this time around,” Rogers said. “This is a celebration of a band that’s been doing this for a long time – an anomaly in a sense – and with a producer that has a proven track record of being an amazing songwriter and producer. I just feel confident more than anything.”

How confident is Rogers about Homecoming? He told ToC that some of the songs from the album will probably make the Randy Rogers Band’s permanent setlist. That’s not something to take lightly. The band has been cranking out killer tunes for 20 years. Their catalog is full of bangers that translate perfectly to their live shows. So, the fact that some of these songs will become fixtures of their live shows speaks volumes.

Randy Rogers says “Nothing But Love Songs”, “I Won’t Give Up”, and “Fast Cars” will be part of the band’s set for years to come.

Asked where Rogers sees the band right now, he said, “In the prime!” Give the new record a spin and you’ll see that he’s correct.