Randy Rogers Talks About His Friendship with Parker McCollum ‘He’s Like My Little Brother’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Homecoming is the perfect title for the latest Randy Rogers Band album. It saw them going back to the studios where they cut their biggest albums. The band split recording between Dockside Studios in Louisiana and Cedar Creek in Texas. They cut their 2008 self-titled album and 2004’s Rollercoaster in those studios, respectively. However, an even bigger return to the band’s roots was working with producer/songwriter Radney Foster.

Foster was there with RRB in the early days. He has production and writing credits on their early albums. More than that, though, Foster was a creative mentor and friend to Randy Rogers. Today, they still share the same relationship.

With 20 years in the business and 9 albums under his belt, Randy is able to pass down some wisdom to younger artists. Years ago, Rogers took a then-unsigned Parker McCollum under his wing. He was able to give the younger artist the kind of advice that he got early in his career. Additionally, they make a killer songwriting team. Rogers and McCollum co-penned “Where’d You Run Off To” with Rogers and Randy Montana.

Randy Rogers talked to Taste of Country about working with McCollum and their friendship in a recent interview.

Randy Rogers on His Friendship with Parker McCollum

“I met Parker about seven years ago,” Randy Rogers told the outlet. “I had a management company at the time, and I managed Parker for three or four years until we got him up to the big leagues.”

“He’s like my little brother,” Rogers proclaimed. “What’s interesting is the relationship I had with Radney at his age, he and I have the same relationship.”

That friendship led Randy Rogers to add “Where’d You Run Off To’ to Homecoming. “We were writing for [Parker’s] record when we wrote that song,” he said. “He decided he had something else similar [and wasn’t going to cut it]. Out of respect for him as a writer and friend, I wanted to put it on my record so he would have a cut.”

Homecoming Marks 20 Years for RRB

Homecoming is the Randy Rogers Band’s 9th studio album and is the result of two decades for the band. Rogers said that he’s confident that this album’s quality will speak for itself. “I’ve done this for so long and done so many press events where I’m professing the fact that this is the best sh*t we’ve ever put out. I’m not doing that this time around,” he said.

“This is a celebration of a band that’s been doing this for a long time,” Rogers told ToC. “And with a producer that has a proven track record of being an amazing songwriter and producer, I just feel confident more than anything.”