Randy Travis Shares Life Advice We All Need to Hear

by Clayton Edwards

Randy Travis is a light in the world. It isn’t just because of his impact on country music. Sure, the fact that he and a handful of other artists helped to push the genre back to its roots in the 80s and 90s is great. At the same time, it’s hard to pinpoint how much joy he brought into the world with his music. The guy is a legend, there are no two ways around that. However, that’s not what I want to talk about today. Let’s take a moment to look at who Randy is as a person.

Randy Travis worked his tail-end off to make it in the music business. Finally, someone took a chance on him and he was able to press his debut album, Storms of Life. From there, he launched into country music stardom. Then, twenty-five years into his career, Randy suffered a massive stroke that nearly killed him. He survived, but he lost the ability to speak or sing clearly. That was a tragic loss for the world of country music, but it could have been so much worse.

These days, when you see Randy Travis on a stage or in an interview, he’s not sad about what he can’t do. The man always wears a smile. Honestly, I think it is because he is just grateful to be alive. Truth be told, he has a lot to be happy about. Country fans hail him as a legend. Artists call him an inspiration. More than that, he has a circle of people who care for him and his loving wife Mary is always at his side. All things considered, Randy is a fortunate man. Some might even say he’s blessed.

Randy Travis Shares Life Advice

Shortly before Randy Travis had that massive stroke, he worked on a documentary called More Life. In the beginning, they were going to use it to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Storms of Life. However, they shelved the film after his stroke. It came out earlier this year to celebrate 35 years of Storms of Life. More importantly, it celebrates Randy’s life and legacy.

In the final moments of More Life, Randy Travis talked about what he wanted to get out of the rest of his life and shared some important advice.

About his future, he said, “If I’m fortunate enough to live 25 more years, I hope that I just go through the rest of life and try to be happy. I’ve lived an interesting life in years past—a lot of ups and downs. [I want to] go through the next however many years just being happy. That’s the most important part.”

Then, Randy Travis gave some of the best life advice you’ll ever hear. “Don’t stay so busy that you never take that time to enjoy those people you love, to enjoy doing the things you love. Never forget that this is a God-given gift and you owe it all to the Lord. Keep that in mind always… Enjoy your life, enjoy the people you love and be happy.”

If Randy Travis can follow his own advice after all he’s been through, I think we can follow it, too.