Reba McEntire Announces Friend’s Death in Heartbreaking Post

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night)

Country music icon Reba McEntire has gotten to know many people during her years as one of the industry’s most prolific performers. Now, in a heartbreaking Instagram post, the Consider Me Gone singer is sharing the loss of someone she met during her career, performer and Reba McEntire impersonator, Coti Collins.

In her message, the country music hitmaker recounts how she met the performer. McEntire also discusses the impact Collins (also known as David Lowman) had on her 1996 tour. Collins hit the stage during the tour, stepping in for an awesome effect during the Fancy performance.

Reba McEntire Reacts To The Loss Of Her Longtime Friend And Fellow Performer

In her moving Instagram post, Reba McEntire remembers meeting Coti Collins decades ago. The singer recalls being impressed with the performer’s impersonation of her.

“In the early 90s, I saw female impersonator Coti Collins / David Lowman impersonating me as part of the Cowboys LaCage show in downtown Nashville,” Reba McEntire reveals in her recent Instagram post.

Reba continues in her message noting that she was incredibly impressed with the performance when Coti Collins hit the stage that evening. It was a night in Music City McEntire wouldn’t soon forget. Reba McEntire was so impressed with the performance, she remembers, that she soon invited Collins to join her on tour. Performing one of the show’s best on-stage tricks.

“He was incredible,” Reba McEntire relates in her Insta post.

“When we were coming up with ideas for our 1996 tour, we decided to take David on the road with us to help with the “Fancy” trick in the show,” the country music star continues. During this 1996 tour performance, Collins “would appear on one end of the stage” lip-synching to McEntire’s live vocals. Then, the singer explains, the show would get incredibly intense.

“Pyrotechnics would shoot down the length of the stage,” Reba remembers. “And I would pop up on the other end in my red dress,” she explains. The trick included McEntire flying over the audience while connected to a lever. The singer continues in her message sharing that she has stayed in contact with Collins since the tour decades ago.

“I was so saddened to hear about his passing this week,” McEntire says. “We recently had the chance to visit for a few moments and I am so glad we did. Rest in peace, David.”