Reba McEntire’s Boyfriend Rex Linn Reveals How He Met the Country Icon

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly two years after going public about his romance with Reba McEntire, Rex Linn is opening up about how first met the country music icon. 

While speaking to The List, Linn revealed that he and Reba McEntire worked together on the TV movie The Gambler Returns in the early 1990s. “Reba always says we worked together,” Linn shared. “We did, in 1991, on The Gambler Returns, but [my name] wasn’t on the call sheet. My buddy directed it, and he said, ‘I know you don’t have an agent or anything, but I got a role for you on this Kenny Rogers/Reba McEntire show called The Gambler.’ I said, ‘Great.’ I went in there and worked one day. I had two lines.”

Linn then said that he met McEntire on the set during that one day he was there. “Reba always says we worked together, which I find hilarious,” Linn recalled. “But she always says, ‘We worked together on The Gambler.’ We shook hands on The Gambler. Then, they were telling me, ‘Hey, dude. Get over there by that horse, and get on him, and wait until we can talk to you.’ That’s how we worked.”

Nearly 30 years after the first meeting, Linn said that he and McEntire reconnected. This was due to him and McEntire being cast as recurring characters in the hit CBS series Young Shelton. “That’s how Reba and I got back together,” Linn stated. “We never worked together. We were friends for 28 years. She called and said, ‘I’m going to be on Young Sheldon.’ And I said, ‘Great,’ so we went to dinner. We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Reba McEntire Opens Up About Whether or Not She and Rex Linn Will Ever Get Married 

While speaking to Extra recently, Reba McEntire spoke about the possibility of marrying Rex Linn in the future. “We’ve talked about [marriage] and giggled about it,” McEntire disclosed. “We thought, ‘Man if we ever had a ceremony, we would have to have a 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and at 8 o’clock ‘cause we have so many friends, acquaintances, and family.’”

Reba McEntire began dating Linn in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to that, she was married to her former manager Narvel Blackstock for 26 years and they had one son together. They divorced in 2015. She married Charlie Battles in the late ‘70s and they divorced in 1987. 

Speaking about the relationship between her and Linn, Reba McEntire shared, “He loves to work, I love to work… We were both wannabe cowboys, cowgirls and then got into the entertainment business. We have a lot of similar loves and passions…”

McEntire went on to add that she and Linn just get along so well and she’s just very grateful.