Reba McEntire Says Corn Dogs Will Be on the Reba’s Place Menu, Despite Being ‘Burnt Out’ on Them

by Lauren Boisvert

Reba McEntire–who is planning a new lifestyle book for next year–is also hard at work planning for her bar/restaurant/entertainment venue, called Reba’s Place, in Atoka, OK, and currently she’s putting together the menu. She said recently that corn dogs will indeed be on the menu, despite the fact that she’s “a little burnt out” on them.

In March 2022, she said in a press conference, “You know, chicken fingers have replaced corn dogs now. I guess we got a little burnt out on the corn dog.” Although she’s a bit tired of her legendary snack, it still has a place in her heart and on her menu.

Speaking about Reba’s Place, McEntire continued, “Chef Curtis, who is doing the menus for us, is a wonderful chef, and he’s got everything from really great steaks to cheeseburgers to beans and cornbread — corn dogs and chicken fingers will be there, also.” She admitted, “I told him, anytime they’re ready to start sampling all the good food […] I’ll be ready to come in and help sample it all.”

Reba’s Place is more than good food and good times, though. It’s also a community effort. McEntire is partnering with the city of Atoka and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to create a venue that will drum up tourist dollars for the city. “Everybody in Atoka, Oklahoma, southeastern Oklahoma, is very excited about this, and that makes me feel really good,” said McEntire. “And the community of Atoka and the surrounding areas are very excited, too, because that just brings new life, a breath of fresh air, into Atoka. And everybody’s getting real excited about it.”

Reba McEntire’s History With Corn Dogs

Reba McEntire–who opened up recently about her 2021 duet with Dolly Parton–is fond of posting her love of corn dogs on Instagram. I for one have been following her corn dog chronicles very closely. 2018 was the year for corn dogs; McEntire shared that her love for corn dogs had inspired a t-shirt. The shirt read, “I want to be loved like Reba loves a corn dog!” and featured the slogan “Hot & Fresh since 1975,” the year she launched her country music career.

While in Florida to perform at the Strawberry Festival in March 2018, McEntire posted on Instagram, “What is better than a corndog at the Strawberry Festival in Florida? Everybody having one!” The series of photos showed various members of her team eating corn dogs on a private jet. What better way to enjoy a state fair food than in the lap of luxury?

Next, Reba McEntire introduced late-night host James Corden to corn dogs when he said he’d never had one before. Corden presented a plate of corn dogs to McEntire and his other guests, and when he bit into one, described it as “sensational.” Sensational is right; according to McEntire, corn dogs are best with mustard and ketchup, and who are we to argue with the queen of country?