Reba McEntire Fans React to Upsetting Update About Potential ‘Reba’ Reboot

by Taylor Cunningham

For years Reba McEntire has been teasing that her hit early 2000s sitcom was coming back in a reboot. But after a recent interview, it sounds like those dreams have died.

While talking on ABC’s Good Morning America, the Country music singer turned actress admitted that the entire cast and crew has been willing and ready to return to Reba. But somewhere along the way, plans went awry.

“I thought we were getting really close,” she said. “But nope. Not gonna be able to do it for right now. But we’ll keep seeing if we can get in there somewhere.”

And it isn’t just the cast and crew that’s feeling the sting of disappointment. Fans have been desperately hoping to catch up on the Hart and Montgomery families. So hearing that they may never meet Van and Cheyenne’s second child or see if Reba found love again is heartbreaking.

Fans are Still Hopeful For a ‘Reba’ Reboot

However, people aren’t giving up hope just yet. Nowhere in her interview did Reba McEntire say “never,” so fans are holding out for a miracle.

“Darn! I would love that if it was ever to happen!” @LisaACarlile1 wrote on Twitter. “@reba can make it happen I know it! If anyone can she can!”

“I hope soon they get closer,” added @Nennies956. “It’d be lovely for her to get that opportunity to reboot and have plenty of laughs along the way.”

And a few people are letting themselves get invested in the continued possibility of a revival. But they’re already starting to prepare for a let down.

“So I read that they are tying to reboot Reba and my heart is so excited at the possibility but not ready for the heartbreak if it doesn’t happen like Lizzie McGuire lmao,” @MaldanoLau Tweeted.

Reba McEntire is Starring in ‘Big Sky’ Season 3

Fortunately, Reba McEntire is still finding ways to stay in acting, though. She has played in several made-for-TV movies over the years, such as the Lifetime holiday click, Christmas in Tune. And, she’s had a few recurring roles in popular series like Young Sheldon. However, her newest project may be one of her most exciting yet.

Starting tonight, Reba will be playing one of the lead villains in Season 3 of Big Sky. During her entire on-screen career, the star has played the same type of character—wholesome, positive, and quirky. But her upcoming role is sinister and dark.

In fact, the character is so off “brand” for the actress that creator Elwood Reid was scared to even ask her to consider the job. But when he finally did, she surprised him by jumping right in.

“She’s very deep and then very friendly and then she can get very dark,” Reba said of the character during an ABC TCA panel. “I like the dimensions that I get to play. It’s so much fun for me.”

Watch Reba play the murderous Sunny Barnes when Big Sky premieres tonight (Sept. 21) on ABC at 9 p.m. ET.