Reba McEntire Opens Up About Playing New Songs at Her Concerts

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Just after she announced she was planning to extend her Reba: Live in Concert Tour into the new year, Reba McEntire opens up about playing new songs at her performances. 

While speaking to Billboard about the tour extension, Reba McEntire acknowledged that during her concerts, people like familiarity. “I know one time I went to an Elton John concert and he said, ‘Okay, we’re going to do a new song now if you want to go to the bathroom and come back in five minutes.’” she said. “Because he knows his fans want to hear the songs they can sing along with.”

However, Reba McEntire did note that some of her longtime fans get excited when she introduces new songs during performances. “Some do want to hear something new, so you have to try to make everybody happy and that’s a constant juggle for us,” she shared. 

Reba McEntire Shares Details About Her Character in the Lifetime Film ‘The Hammer’ 

Meanwhile, Reba McEntire switched gears and discussed her upcoming Lifetime film The Hammer. Set to debut in 2023, McEntire portrays a strong-willed, outspoken attorney who is appointed the judge for the 5th District of Nevada. The movie is notably based on the story of the real-life traveling judge, Kim Wanker. 

“She’s a strong, tough woman,” Reba McEntire said about Wanker. “But also fair. Some of the things of how she would treat folks in her courtroom, I was like, ‘Wow, wish I had done that. I wish more people would do that.’ So it’s very inspirational.” 

Billboard further reports that The Hammer is part of Reba McEntire’s two-movie deal with Lifetime. She also did Christmas in Tune in 2021. She noted that there are no plans to extend the deal yet. “We haven’t talked about that yet. I think they probably want to see how well The Hammer does. The [Christmas] movie did very well and they were pleased with that, and I’ve really enjoyed working with Lifetime.” 

Reba McEntire will be working with her boyfriend and actor Rex Linn on The Hammer. The duo is currently starring together in the new season of ABC’s Big Sky. “When [Big Sky writer and executive producer] Elwood Reid came to me and said, ‘We’d love to have you on Big Sky,’ I said, ‘Doing what?’ And he said, ‘Playing the villain.’ I immediately wanted to do it.”

The country singer and songwriter then said that Linn became interested in the role as well. “Rex was sitting at the table and said, ‘That’s what she’s been waiting for.’ He said, ‘Is that Rex? We want you on this, too.’ It’s so much fun that we are in these together,” she went on to add.