Reba McEntire Reveals Disappointing Update About a ‘Reba’ Reboot

by Blake Ells

Reba McEntire gave us hope that a reboot of her popular sitcom Reba may be on the way. But during a visit to Good Morning America on Tuesday, she revealed that may not be very close, after all. She stopped by the morning show to discuss joining the cast of Big Sky. She was asked about the much talked about reboot, and she said that it’s all kind of been put on hold.

“Unfortunately not,” she said. “I thought we were getting really close. But nope. Not going to be able to do it for right now. But we’ll keep seeing if we can get in there somewhere.”

She’d said that a major issue in making it happen was coordinating everyone’s schedules to find a time to shoot the show. So maybe it’s just a matter of everyone busy too busy right now. With plenty of options available to stream, it has plenty of places that it could land. And upon entering syndication, the show gained new life with a new audience. There’s a glimmer of home to be found in her words, “for right now.”

For right now, she’s going to be alongside her real-life partner Rex Linn. The duo are in the upcoming season of Big Sky which debuts on September 21 on ABC. She’s stepping out into the role of a villain, which is unusual territory for her. She also talked about working with Linn.

“He makes me rehearse so much,” she said. “By the time we get on the set, I know my lines, your lines, your lines…but it’s fun.”

You can see the entire interview below.

New Music and a New Tour Coming from Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire has a Christmas album coming soon. It’s largely a collection of traditional holiday classics like “White Christmas,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Mary Did You Know” and “Winter Wonderland.” Reba: The Ultimate Christmas Collection is due on October 21.

It will also feature a song from her 2021 Lifetime movie Reba: Christmas in Tune. Reba has a new Lifetime movie on the horizon, in which she’ll also appear alongside Rex Linn. The Hammer is currently listed in post-production and no release date has been set.

As if all of that wasn’t keeping the 67-year-old Oklahoma native busy enough, she’s hitting the road in October with her friend Terri Clark. They’ll kick things off at Cajundome in Lafayette, La. on October 13. They’ll sweep through most of the South, hitting arenas until November. They visit Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on October 21. The trek wraps at InTrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kan. on November 19. Check out all of her tour dates and get ticket information at her website.