Reba McEntire Reveals How She and Boyfriend Rex Linn Bonded During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Blake Ells
(Michael Moriatis/ABC via Getty Images)

Reba McEntire and her boyfriend, Rex Linn, are spending a lot of time together these days. They are both part of the new season of Big Sky, and they also have a new Lifetime movie on the way. They grew even closer during the pandemic. The 67-year-old talked to People about how distance between them actually made their bond stronger.

“He was in Los Angeles and I was in Oklahoma because my mama had just died,” she said. “We didn’t get to see each other from March to June, but we’d talk over Zoom or FaceTime four to five times a day. We created a bond and an intimacy that was getting to know each other without getting physical.”

Rex Linn started dating Reba McEntire in 2020, but they’d known each other for a long time.

“I’d known Rex since ’91 when we worked on the movie The Gambler Returns with Kenny Rogers,” she said. “Then in January 2020, I saw him again when I shot an appearance on the TV show Young Sheldon, which he is on. He said, ‘Let’s have dinner when you get through.’ And I said, ‘OK!’ He made me laugh my butt off on our first date, which we didn’t even know was a date.”

Reba McEntire says that she “really wasn’t interested in finding love again” after her divorce from her husband of 26 years in 2015. But she’s glad that she did.

“He’s the love of my life,” she said. “We’re pretty much inseparable.”

Reba McEntire and Rex Linn Play Husband & Wife on ‘Big Sky’

Portraying a husband and wife on the ABC series Big Sky is easy for Reba McEntire and Rex Linn.

“To play husband and wife, it’s natural for us,” she said. “Rex and I rehearse all the time to make sure that when we step on that set, we’re not wasting anybody’s time. We’re professionals. We have our stuff together, we show up on time, we’re ready. We’re not holding up anybody because time is money on the TV set.”

It’s a busy fall for Reba McEntire between the show and her touring schedule, but she makes time for Rex Linn every day.

“I make coffee for Rex every morning,” she said. “He’ll offer to make it, and I’ll say, ‘Nope. I want to do that for you.’ I know I could easily say, ‘Yeah. You go get it. I’m tired.’ Nope. I always do the coffee camp.”

Reba McEntire is out with Terri Clark this fall. Her next dates are this weekend in Charleston, West Virginia, Nashville and St. Louis. That run continues through November and she has another run that kicks off in March. Check out all of her dates and get ticket information for each at her website.