Reba McEntire Says She Wants to Be on ‘Yellowstone’

by Alex Falls
Michael Moriatis / Contributor / Getty

Just about every fan of music or TV knows Reba McEntire. She’s been a fixture of country music for decades and she’s acted in numerous roles throughout her successful career. Including her extremely popular show Reba and her villainous turn in this year’s season of Big Sky.

But Reba is always keeping her eyes set on the next project. One show she seems to be a perfect fit for is the hit Taylor Sheridan show Yellowstone. The epic family drama follows the powerful Dutton clan and their massive Yellowstone ranch. Reba’s signature country accent and excellent acting ability could create TV magic. Reba said in an interview with Billboard that she hasn’t been asked to take a part in the show yet. But she’d be game if they found something for her.

“They haven’t [reached out], but I would love that because I’ve always wanted to be in Westerns,” McEntire said. “I’ve talked to Kevin [Costner] about it. Kevin and Rex are close friends, they’ve worked together. But maybe one of these days, I’d love to be in a Western. I just love a new challenge.”

Reba On Her Role in ‘Big Sky’

Reba loves to challenge herself when it comes to taking on new roles. When she was presented with Big Sky and the chance to get away from her wholesome image, she jumped at the opportunity.

“When [Big Sky writer and executive producer] Elwood Reid came to me and said, ‘We’d love to have you on Big Sky.’ I said, ‘Doing what?’ And he said, ‘Playing the villain,'” McEntire said. “I immediately wanted to do it and Rex was sitting at the table and said, ‘That’s what she’s been waiting for.’ He said, ‘Is that Rex? We want you on this, too.’ It’s so much fun that we are in these together.”

Reba’s boyfriend Rex Linn got a part on Big Sky as well playing her character’s husband. She said she’s loved being able to rehearse her lines together with him.

“We have coffee every morning and we haven’t missed one since March 2020,” McEntire said. “We get our coffee, whether we’re still up in bed or out on the patio watching the geese on the river. We’ll get our dialogue and rehearse. I think yesterday we rehearsed for like three or four hours.”

Reba also said she’d love to continue exploring villainous roles even in a Marvel movie. But overall she doesn’t have a preference for her characters.

“I think I’m pretty well happy with what I have,” McEntire said. “If you get to doing too many, you get watered down and you lose out on giving each one of those individual attention. So I’m probably spread as thin as I need to be right now.”