Reba McEntire Shouts Out ‘Label Mate’ Johnny Rodriguez for Sending Flowers to Texas Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

On Sunday (October 30th), country music icon Reba McEntire took to her social media accounts to give a shout to her “label mate” Johnny Rodriguez for the lovely flowers she received at her Corpus Christi, Texas show.  

In the post, Reba McEntire shared, “Beautiful yellow roses were waiting for me in my dressing room last night in Corpus Christi from my former fellow label mate Johnny Rodriguez. Johnny, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I’ve always been a huge fan of you and your music! I hope you’re doing well. Thank you thank you.”

Reba McEntire is currently on tour with Terri Clark. The duo is performing all over the U.S. With stops including Raleigh, NC, Columbia, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Kansas City, Missouri. The tour is set to wrap up on November 19th in Wichita, Kansas. 

Reba McEntire Recently Opened Up About Her Relationship With Boyfriend Rex Linn

While speaking to People earlier this month, Reba McEntire opened up about the relationship she has had with her boyfriend Rex Linn over the years. 

“I’d known Rex since ’91 when we worked on the movie The Gambler Returns with Kenny Rogers,” Reba McEntire recalled. “Then in January 2020, I saw him again when I shot an appearance on the TV show Young Sheldon, which he is on. He said, ‘Let’s have dinner when you get through.’ And I said, ‘OK!’ He made me laugh my butt off on our first date, which we didn’t even know was a date.”

Shortly after being reunited, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. The health crisis made it difficult for Reba McEntire and Linn, who were living in separate states at the time. “He was in Los Angeles, and I was in Oklahoma because my Mama had just died,” she continued. “We didn’t get to see each other from March to June, but we’d talk over Zoom and FaceTime four to five times each day. We created a bond and an intimacy that was getting to know each other without being physical.”

Reba McEntire then said that Linn is the love of her life and they are pretty much inseparable. The couple is currently playing husband and wife on ABC’s Big Sky. She explained that it’s natural for her and Linn to play husband and wife. “Rex and I rehearse all the time to make sure that when we step on that set, we’re not wasting anybody’s time. We’re professionals. We have our stuff together, we show up on time, we’re ready. We’re not holding up anybody because time is money on the TV set.”

Despite being on tour, Reba McEntire added that she always makes time for her and Linn’s “Coffee Camp” every morning. “I make Rex coffee every morning. He’ll offer to make it, and I’ll say, ‘Nope. I want to do that for you.’ I know I could easily say, ‘Yeah, you go get it. I’m tired.’ Nope. I always do the coffee camp.”