Reba McEntire Teases a Possible Musical Performance During Her Time on ‘Big Sky’

by Taylor Cunningham

Reba McEntire has once again joined the world of TV in a much more sinister role than we’re used to seeing from the former sitcom star. But she may still give us a taste of the familiar with an on-screen musical performance.

“I get to hum a little bit and sing a little bit,” she teased the ABC TCA panel when asked about showcasing her vocals while in character. “But we’ll see.”

The Country music icon is starring in Big Sky’s Season 3 as Sunny Barnes, one of this year’s villains. As the showrunner and EP Elwood Reid shared, Sunny will be on a “pretty dark journey” this season. However, “there may be a little space for her to sing.”

If Reba McEntire does share a tune, it won’t be one of her usual soulful, heartfelt pieces. Instead, it will be more of a “murder ballad.”

Reid also added that Reba may not be the only singing star appearing in Big Sky. As a way of celebrating the 2022 Country Music Awards, he’s planning on having “some fun country music stars coming in and cameo on the show.” So, there could be a few performances to look forward to.

‘Big Sky’ Showrunning was ‘Nervous’ When Asking Reba McEntire to Join the Cast

During the panel, Elwood Reid and Reba McEntire went on to talk about how the comedic and romantic actress ended up landing a role as a dark and desperate woman. Reid said that he had his eyes on the Young Sheldon star from the start. In fact, he wrote the “not so nice” character specifically for Reba. But he didn’t know how to approach her about the role because playing Sunny would break her “brand.” Eventually, he invited her out to Montana and “slowly led” her into the conversation.

Reba said that it wasn’t hard to sell her on the idea. The Grammy winner was thrilled to take on a new challenge. And she was excited by the depth of Sunny.

“She’s not a bad person exactly, she’s an interesting person,” Reba said of her new persona. “She’s very protective and loving and she’s trying to make a living with her family on this glamping thing and she’s working real hard to hold it all together. That’s something totally different than anything I’ve ever played and acted on before/ and I love the depth of that. I like that she’s more three-dimensional.”

“She’s very deep and then very friendly and then she can get very dark,” she added. “I like the dimensions that I get to play. It’s so much fun for me.”

Watch Reba play the murderous vixen and perhaps sing a tune when Big Sky returns to ABC on Wednesday, September 21 at 9 p.m. ET.