Red Dirt Legends The Great Divide Announce First New Album in 20 Years With a New Single

by Clayton Edwards

The Great Divide is one of the most influential bands in Red Dirt country music. They were one of the originators of the sound. It would be hard to track down a Red Dirt band who didn’t draw some influence from them. Unfortunately, the band split shortly after singer-songwriter Mike McClure departed to pursue a solo career and work behind the scenes for other artists in 2003. After 20 years, the original lineup is back together and is readying a brand-new album. Providence hits shelves and streaming services on October 28th.

In 2002, The Great Divide released Remain. Shortly thereafter, McClure left the band. Remaining members Kelley Green (bass), Scott Lester (guitar), and J.J. Lester (drums) tried to carry on. They recruited Micah Aills to fill McClure’s spot and released Under Your Own Sun in 2005. Then, the band dissolved. Many thought that was the end.

However, a little under a decade after McClure’s departure, the Great Divide came back together. Since then, they’ve played several concerts. Now, ten years after reforming, they’ve recorded their first new album in 20 years.

The first single from the new album “Good Side” will hit streaming services tomorrow. You can hear it in advance below.

The Great Divide on Providence

In a press release, members of The Great Divide talked a little about the new album. Mike McClure said, “The overall arc of the record is dealing with time, it asks how much time we have left in our lives and how we want to spend the remaining years.”

McClure added, “It’s about admitting the areas where work is needed and putting in the effort to do something about it.”

Great Divide drummer J.J. Lester looked back on the origins of the band’s sound.  “Back in the 90s, we would talk about how we miss good country music – not the line dance stuff that was coming out of Nashville at the time. We decided we would try to save country music.”

Lester went on to say, “When we started the process of recording this album, we would run through a song and we would all just look at each other. It felt like 1997. When I listen to these songs, they are the story of the last 15 years.”

McClure added, “Everyone is bringing their best to the table for the first time in years and when that happens, The Great Divide is a force. This album brings with it a certain hope.”

Providence Tracklist

  1. Wrong is Overrated
  2. I Can Breathe Again
  3. Good Side
  4. Set It All Down
  5. Slippin’ Away
  6. Heaven Is High
  7. My Sweet Lily
  8. Until We Cross
  9. Into the Blue
  10. Infinite Line

You can pre-save the Great Divide’s new album Providence on your streaming service of choice here.