Riley Green Has All the Single Ladies Wishing They Were Security Guards After Dancing With One on Stage: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

While having a ton of fun during his latest performance, country music star Riley Green had all the ladies in the audience wishing they were security guards after he danced with one on stage. 

Following the performance, Riley Green took to his Instagram to share a clip of his dance with the security guard. “When the security guard keeps makin eyes at you during the show,” he wrote in the caption. 

Riley Green fans shared their thoughts about the video in the comment section. “All the single ladies boutta make security applications go [up],” one fan declared. Another fan then wrote, “Immediately applied to be a security guard.” 

Other Riley Green fans gushed about the super sweet moment, saying that the country music hitmaker made the security guard’s night. “You made her night… sweet,” a fellow admirer commented. 

Riley Green is set to perform at the Rome River Jam 2022 on Saturday (October 29th). He then resumes his shows with a stop in Tampa, Florida. He will be heading up to Canada and performing a couple of nights in Toronto as well as Quebec City, Ottawa, and Montreal. 

Riley Green Reflects on Becoming an Official Nashville Recording Artist

While speaking to Holler, Riley Green opened up about the beginning of his career and how he went from performing in Alabama to becoming an official Nashville recording artist. 

“I’d been touring for about 10 years in the southeast after college,” Riley Green explained. “But I really hadn’t spent time in Nashville until I went up there in 2017, just hoping I could get a publishing deal.”

Riley Green spoke about his first time in Nashville and meeting Tyler Reeve at Losers Bar. “After talking about writing together, he brought in Randy Montana and Erik Dylan. Then I met Jonathan Singleton, Jessi Alexander, Rhett Akins, and Ben Hayslip. I was really fortunate to come across those first few groups, because I’d written songs before but had never been in a co-write.”

However, although Riley Green ended up signing his deal in Nashville, he had his home built in Alabama. He shared that Nashville isn’t really considered his home. “I don’t think I could ever say I lived in Nashville,” he admitted. “There are a lot of great things about being in Nashville that can’t happen anywhere else, but as far as songwriting goes, I don’t get my inspiration up there. I get it back home.” 

In regards to sticking with the same writers for his music, Riley Green said, “I felt like I could write my next five records with this handful of people, you know? It was the same thing with Dan Huff producing them too. The more we get to know each other and the more time we spend together, the easier it is for us to figure out what we’re trying to accomplish.”