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Riley Green Takes Down Giant Arkansas Buck After Hunting It for Three Years: PHOTO

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by Jason Korener/Getty Images)

Riley Green likes big bucks, he cannot lie.

If the proud Alabaman isn’t on the road with his band and his guitar, then there’s a good chance that he’s hunting deer, ducks, turkeys, or whatever else is in season.

Green spent a good chunk of 2023 getting rowdy with Luke Bryan on the ‘Raised Up Right’ and ‘Farm Tour’. The aptly named Farm Tour has become an annual tradition for Luke Bryan. It’s a musical celebration of the important role that farmers still play in modern American culture, something Bryan certainly understands having grown up in Georgia, a state where agriculture is an important part of the rural economy.

Though Bryan and Green have no shortage of their own hit songs to sing, with the exception of maybe “Down on the Farm,” there is perhaps no better theme song for the Farm Tour than Tim McGraw‘s “Where the Green Grass Grows.” It’s only fitting that the two country music stars performed their own rendition of the song while out on the road earlier this year.

Riley Green Just Dropped A Big Buck Down in Arkansas

Now that the calendar has shifted from November to December, deer season is giving way to duck season throughout much of the country. But when you like shooting big bucks as much as Riley Green does, you squeeze in every day in a treestand that you possibly can. That dedication and hard work continue to pay off for him big time.

“I’ve been hunting this deer in Arkansas for 3 years and on a warm foggy and rainy morning, he finally stepped out in daylight. Something about bow hunting these deer in the swamp has had me a little obsessed, but it all finally paid off. What an awesome deer and an absolute giant,” Green captioned the photo.

Green has had a heck of a fall, as his success afield means that he’s definitely got a freezer stacked full of venison and a few more buck heads for the wall. He often shares his hunting adventures with fans through Instagram. Outsider has already recapped quite a few of his successful hunts this year, including an absolute hammer that he arrowed in Kentucky.

A hunter as accomplished as Green undoubtedly has very high standards when it comes to the trophies he pursues. The monster buck he just dropped in Arkansas certainly checks all the boxes though. With what appears to be a light snowfall blanketing a cornfield in the background and his trademark Halo Waterfowl hat atop his head, this grip and grin are about as picturesque as hunting photos get.

If you’re currently daydreaming about future hunting adventures, let Riley Green provide the soundtrack and throw in on one of the new songs he released this year. “Half of Me,” “Get Back Home,” “I Hope She’s Drinking Tonight, “Wild Woman,” or “Miles on Main” would all be an excellent place to start.