Ronnie Dunn’s ‘100 Proof Neon’: See the Upcoming Album’s Complete Tracklist

by Jonathan Howard

Country music star Ronnie Dunn is set to release a brand new album. He put out the tracklist earlier today and fans are excited, to say the least. For Dunn, it’s been more than 30 years in the business and he is still moving forward. There’s already a single from the upcoming 100 Proof Neon album.

If you want to get a taste of what to expect on this album, listen to “Honky Tonk Town” the latest single from Ronnie Dunn. He had the help of Jake Worthington on that track, one of just two features on the upcoming album.

Check out the tweet below for the rest of the tracklist. What gets you most excited just from the titles, Outsiders?

A quick listen to that single and the clips you can find at the link in the tweet, and you’ll get a sense of what to expect here. There is going to be that old 90s country sound, mixed with some honky tonk flavor. From the tracklist, there are a few songs that pique my interest, and some others that I think fans are going to go crazy for.

From the get-go, “Honky Tonk Town” is just a good song. Dunn knows how to build them, make them fun to sing along with, and put a little melancholy into you in the process. “Broken Neon Hearts”, “She’s Why I Drink Whiskey”, and “If Love Ever Comes My Way Again” all look like they’re going to be some sad songs. And what’s better than a sad country song?

Ronnie Dunn and Parker McCollum? You Better Believe It

So, those songs were what I was looking forward to. But, who cares what I think? Well, hopefully, some of you reading this. Still, there are a couple of songs that seem like they have to be fan favorites. I know it is just a tracklist, but that’s what we’re here to do, speculate.

For those diehard Ronnie Dunn fans, you’re going to love the whole album, Nothing is going to change that. however, “Two Steppers, Waltzes and Shuffles” and “Road to Abiline” grab my attention a bit. Those song titles seem like the kind of thing that folks are going to love. Little short stories in each song. If you are going to mention waltzes in country music, you have to bring the classic country sound. Dunn can do that.

Then “Road to Abiline”. It features Parker McCollum for a mix of the old and the new. McCollum is on the rise in country music and to be featured on 100 Proof Neon with Ronnie Dunn is a big deal. Keep an eye out for the album which comes out July 29, and make sure to keep up with Parker. He’s a star in the making.