Scotty McCreery Looks Forward to Fatherhood: ‘Going to Be the Biggest Blessing’

by Alex Falls
Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty

Country music star Scotty McCreery and his wife Gabi are just weeks away from welcoming a new addition to their family. A baby boy is on his way and McCreery told Country Now how excited he is to meet his son.

“Baby is coming fast, I tell you,” McCreery said. “It seems like just yesterday that Gabi showed me the pregnancy test, and she was like, ‘We’re having a kid.'”

Gabi was originally scheduled to give birth in early November. But a recent ultrasound revealed their baby was growing ahead of schedule. Now, he could arrive as early as Halloween. McCreery is thrilled by the idea of finally getting to be a father and showing his son all the joys of life.

“It’s going to be the biggest blessing,” McCreery said. “I can’t wait to teach this kid things. Get him on the ball field, play him some music, teach him guitar. We’ve already got a little music stand for him to play with. So yeah, we’re pumped.”

Scotty McCreery Can’t Wait to See His Wife Become a Mother

The country star is equally excited to see his beloved wife take on the role of motherhood. The couple has known each other since they were in kindergarten so he knows just how ready she is.

“I’m so excited to be a dad, but probably more so excited to see Gabi be a mom, because she is going to absolutely crush it,” McCreery said. “Just how caring and thoughtful she is — she puts everybody’s needs in front of her own.”

But there’s no slowing down the music for McCreery in the face of his upcoming son’s birth. His latest single, “It Matters to Her,” is being played on repeat on country radio stations. And the lyrics tell a story that he’s still experiencing as he comes closer to being a father.

“I’m a lyric guy,” McCreery said. “I’m a story guy, a message guy. And this story was just us sitting back, talking one day, me and Rhett [Akins] and LeeThomas Miller and just being like, ‘Man, you know what I’m learning? It’s just the littlest things. Like if I go downstairs and just empty the dishwasher, and she doesn’t have to tell me to stop watching golf and go do it, it’s a little thing, but it adds up over time.”

“And I’m learning as a young husband, that’s what adds up and makes the difference,” he continued. “And I can still work on it. Like, I still shave and leave my beard hair in the sink. and she yells from downstairs like, ‘What the heck?’ But, it’s a cool song to sing.”