Scotty McCreery’s Newest Music Video Shows His Journey To Becoming a Dad: WATCH

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Catherine Powell/FilmMagic)

Scotty McCreery released a music video for his new single “It Matters to Her” on Nov. 14, and the subject matter is close to the heart for the country music star. The song itself was inspired by his wife, Gabi, and their newborn son, Merrick Avery. The music video is in the style of a digital scrapbook chronicling the McCreerys’ preparations for parenthood.

The video is unique, made from footage the couple recorded while preparing for the arrival of their son. There’s the moment McCreery first found out he would be a dad, breaking the news to their dog Moose, setting up the nursery, and finally bringing baby Merrick Avery home.

This is the couple’s first child, and it seems only right to do something as special as making a music video for him. It could become a tradition if they decide to have more children in the future, creating a digital scrapbook of the time before they were born that they can look back on.

The video also features a funny clip of their dog reading a book called “What to Expect When Your Humans Are Expecting,” as well as Avery listening to his dad’s music in the womb.

Scotty McCreery Makes Digital Scrapbook for New Music Video, Praises Wife During Pregnancy

Speaking to People, Scotty McCreery had nothing but praise for his wife Gabi during the entire process.

“To me, the video shows off how much of a rock star Gabi was during her pregnancy,” he said. “It also captures how much we both enjoyed getting ready for Avery’s arrival.”

He continued, “I wanted to really focus the video on Gabi and our preparations for Avery’s arrival. We filmed some of it over the course of several months at home in Raleigh when we were getting the nursery ready. We also filmed some of it at our place at North Topsail Beach. I think you can see in the video how excited we were getting for Avery to get here as well as how amazing Gabi was throughout the entire pregnancy.”

Merrick Avery McCreery was born in late October, a bit earlier than expected, but according to the couple, both Gabi and Avery were strong and healthy during and after the birth. “Next to his mother, he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Scotty McCreery shared at the time. “We have been waiting and preparing all year, and now we are so excited to have our little man here with us. We have begun a grand new adventure that will continue for the rest of our lives.”

McCreery added, “Gabi was a total rock star during Avery’s birth. I could not be more proud of her. She has already taken to motherhood like a champ. Part of my joy as his Dad is watching Gabi already crush it as his Mom.”