Scotty McCreery and His Wife Gabi Prepare for ‘Eventful Fall’ Ahead of Welcoming New Baby

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

On the very first day of summer (June 21), country music star Scotty McCreery shared the heartwarming news that he and his wife, Gabi, were expecting their first child. To make the announcement even more exciting, the couple had taken their time going public with their growing family, so they already knew that they had a “little man on the way,” and he was due in the fall.

“We always knew we wanted kids,” McCreery explained to People. “But we always knew we wanted the first few years to travel and have time on the road, to see things and experience life. We’ve gotten to live a lot of life and do some cool things. So seems like now’s a good time to settle down a little and expand the family.”

With summer officially behind us and fall making its gradual debut, it’s almost time for baby boy McCreery to arrive, and the couple couldn’t be more excited. In an endearing post looking back on a summer of fun, Gabi McCreery showed off her growing baby bump. “Reminiscin on a bumpin summer,” she wrote in the caption.

The comments on the post are flooded with friends, family, and fans alike celebrating the couple and their son. Among them, Scotty McCreery himself replied, expressing his excitement for the start of fatherhood. “You [and] little man crushed this summer! Now for an eventful fall,” the doting husband and soon-to-be father wrote.

Gabi and Scotty McCreery Plan to Bring Their Son on the Road

Back in June, Scotty and Gabi McCreery had yet to choose a name for their son, as they were certain their first child would be a girl. “I was the only boy on both sides of my family” Scotty explained. “The last McCreery boy out there. Gabi’s from two sisters in her family, so I just figured it would be a girl. But we got a surprise of a boy.”

What the couple has been certain about from the start, however, is that they want their child to be well-traveled. And with Scotty McCreery often away on tour, the soon-to-be parents hope to simply bring the entire family along for the ride.

“I think we’ll bring another bus out and try to make a little nursery for him,” McCreery said. “It might not be every week, and we’ll see how the baby takes to the road life. But it’d be nice, just selfishly, to have Gabi and the baby out there with me. I don’t want to miss anything with him growing up.”

“Travel is so much a part of our life,” added Gabi. “I feel like if we start at a young age, it’ll prepare him a little bit.”