See Why Luke Bryan Says His Farm Tour Is a Passion Project

by Samantha Whidden

With his Farm Tour set to end in late September, country music superstar Luke Bryan recently spoke about why the tour is considered a “passion project” for him. 

While speaking to Holler about the Farm Tour, Luke Bryan noted that the tour has made 67 more stops since the first event in 2010. The shows are dedicated to those who live in smaller farming towns so they can see the same show that hundreds of thousands of fans see in the bigger cities. 

“It’s a passion project for me, for sure,” Luke Bryan declared during the interview. “When I look back and think about waking up on these farms and rolling my window down, that is pretty special. And it’s not just special for the fans in these small towns.”

Luke Bryan explained the Farm Tour has been great for him to provide an experience for the artists with him. This includes Riley Green, Jameson Rodgers, Peach Pickers, and DJ ROCK.

When asked if the Farm Tour is a “passion project” for him due to keeping him rooted in the way he was raised, Luke Bryan shared his thoughts. “Because I get to wake up every day being blessed that I’ve seen the world through so many different eyes. From growing up in a small town, to hosting the CMA Awards, to being part of American Idol, and to walking around New York City seeing my face on a cab.” 

Luke Bryan added that he hopes that his Farm Tour brings happiness to the small towns it visits. “It’s been a ride, and at the end of the day, I still love got get on stage,” Bryan noted. “[And] smile at the fans and have a blast.” 

Luke Bryan Discusses His Approach to Raising His Children While Having Every Level of Fame 

Meanwhile, Luke Bryan opened up about how he and his wife Caroline are raising their children. “Caroline and I try to raise them to where they have a great grasp on what dad is,” Bryan explained. “But they also have a great grasp on reality and on being kind to others.”

Luke Bryan then shared that he and Caroline also try to install in his children manners and humbleness. They also instill caring and loving for all walks of life. “And the fact that they can go play football, be all-American kids, and go on hunting and fishing trips. And then they hop on dad’s tour bus and see different cities – is the best. Our kids are great, and I’ve never been more proud of where they are.”

Luke Bryan also praised his wife for staying home to stay on their kiddos. “She’s vigilant about that around the Bryan house,” he added.