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Send a Fax: Reba McEntire Opens Up About Getting in Touch With Dolly Parton for 2021 Duet

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Who is the hardest country music star to get ahold of? Ask Reba McEntire and she will tell you it’s none other than Dolly Parton. The Queen of Country apparently only does business via fax. That’s something that isn’t just verified by Reba, but by others as well. She’s hard to get ahold of, and despite the 1980s being 40 years ago, Parton can’t drop the communication method.

On Reba’s new version of Does He Love You, a song that the singer made into a mega-hit with Linda Davis, Parton joins in Davis’ part. It’s a great duet with two of the matriarchs of country. In an interview with Dave Cobb, McEntire talked about getting the feature and how she had to get a hold of her dear friend.

“Well, you don’t call Dolly, you fax her,” Reba explained. “And you fax your people and your people talk to her people.” It isn’t just Reba that has to go through this. When The Gambler, Kenny Rogers, was alive, the Fancy singer asked him if he had the phone number for the Queen of Country.

“That’s the only way I know to get a hold of her,” the singer continued. Cobb was fully enthralled at this point. “I even asked Kenny Rogers once, I said, ‘Do you have Dolly’s cell number?’ He said, ‘No.’ So you fax her.”

It isn’t just Kenny that has verified things like this for Reba and others in the past. Miley Cyrus noted in 2020 that for A Holly Dolly Christmas duet of Christmas Is, Dolly faxed her about it first. The young singer didn’t get the message at first from her godmother. But, things worked out.

Now I’m just thinking about Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton faxing back and forth.

Reba McEntire Gushes Over Dolly Parton and her Creativity

When you have been credited with as many songs as Dolly has, you deserve to be given credit where credit is due. Reba continued in her interview with Dave Cobb about the respect she has for Parton as a songwriter. The two of them have been through a lot over the years and gone through a lot of career changes and ups and downs. If anyone understands Dolly’s life a little bit, it has to be Reba, right?

“She’s so creative, so witty, so spunky, so feisty. And the biggest-hearted person I’ve ever met in my life, and I’ve met some bighearted people,” Reba said. “But she’s a giver and I don’t know, I’m in awe of Dolly. I’m not intimidated, it’s just, I’m in awe of her. SHe’s just… I don’t know.”

The respect between the two is mutual. That’s for sure. Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton. Two real-life superstars that continue to bless us with new music, new projects, live shows, and so much more. Take it all in folks, there won’t be a pair like this for many years to come. If ever again.