Senora May Announces She & Tyler Childers Are Expecting a Baby

by Clayton Edwards

This weekend was a special one for many in the Appalachian region. For the first time this year, it truly felt like spring as the sun stood high in the sky and temps climbed. All in all, it has been a gorgeous weekend. However, some have a little more to smile about than others. Yesterday, during her set at the Mountain Mushroom Festival, Senora May announced that she and Tyler Childers are expecting a baby.

According to Mountain Citizen, Senora May announced that she and Tyler Childers were expecting their first baby near the end of her set. She let everyone know that she would be taking the rest of the year off to focus on welcoming their first child into the world. Then, in a surprise move, she called Childers to the stage to finish her set. “I’ll let my baby daddy come up here and finish my set,” she said as she passed the stage to her loving husband.

As of today, neither Senora May nor Tyler Childers has spoken about their new baby on social media. In fact, Childers’ socials have been quiet for over a year. As for Senora, her most recent social media posts are announcing her appearance at the Mountain Mushroom Festival.

Why Senora May & Tyler Childers Announced the New Baby at Mountain Mushroom Festival

In the social media age, when we know most of the comings and goings of our favorite artists, it seems odd to not hear about the pregnancy on social media. However, both Senora May and Tyler Childers seem to be private people and a new baby is a huge deal. So, it makes sense that they’ve been relatively quiet about it.

When you look back at some of Senora May’s posts, announcing her pregnancy during the festival was perfect. The Mountain Mushroom Festival wasn’t just another show for May. It’s a family tradition. In fact, she called it her “favorite festival” when posting about her appearance.

Like many other festivals and events, the Mountain Mushroom Festival fell victim to COVID in 2020. After hearing this, Senora May took to Facebook to talk about how important the event is to her. “The Mountain Mushroom Festival in Irvine, KY has always been one of my favorite events since I was a tiny thing. I would beg any of my brothers or sister to take me. I would beg mom and dad to take me or papa. When they’d give in, I’d be over the moon,” she wrote.

For her, the community aspect of small festivals like this one is incredibly important. “One thing about every small town festival in Appalachia is that local people are proud. They turn out to buy, sell, trade, and show off their finest products that represent hours of work and sleepless nights.”

The connection that she feels to the festival made her massive announcement that much more special.

Many of us have been impatiently waiting for new music from both Senora and Tyler. It looks like we’re going to be waiting longer than we thought and that’s fine by us. The Childers family is growing and the parents-to-be are going to have their hands full for quite a while.