Shane Smith & the Saints Release First New Single in 4 Years With Soulful ‘Hummingbird’

by Jim Casey

Shane Smith & the Saints are back with their first new studio music in four years. The hard-touring Texas troupe—Shane, Bennett Brown, Dustin Schaefer, Chase Satterwhite, and Zach Stover—released “Hummingbird” at midnight on June 1.

Shane, who penned the soulful-sounding single with fellow Texas tunesmith Jonathan Terrell, says the new love song has an “older” vibe.

“This song, for me personally, takes a step back in time to some of the older, classic music I grew up listening to, anytime I was riding around with my dad,” says Shane Smith. “It’s a love song at its core, but it covers some heavier subject matter around anxiety and depression that I think a lot of folks can relate to these days. My hope is that it can have some kind of positive impact on any listeners dealing with those issues.”

‘Yellowstone’ Bump

Shane Smith & the Saints have released a handful of albums during the last decade, including Coast, Geronimo, and Hail Mary, as well as a 2021 live album, Live From the Desert. However, Shane and company recently earned a legion of new fans, thanks to Paramount’s ratings monster, Yellowstone.

During Season 4 in 2021, series creator Taylor Sheridan—as character Travis Wheatley—capped Episode 3 by name-dropping “Shane Smith and the f—ing Saints” while “All I See Is You” (which was also the title of the episode) played in his truck. The following week’s Episode 4 opened with “All I See Is You.”

“Man, it was unbelievable,” said Shane Smith to Outsider earlier this year. “We’ve never had anything like that before. We’ve never had anything to compare that to, that particular feature replacement. We were actually on tour at the time, and we were playing a show in Virginia Beach. And it was a Sunday night when Yellowstone airs. We talked to the venue because they had this big-screen TV behind the stage, and we’re like, ‘Hey, can we turn this into a watch party and then play a show after?’ They were like, ‘Yeah, we don’t care.’ We literally had it like a movie theater. All the fans were in there. We were in there with the fans, just getting drinks with everybody, hanging out.

“Everyone was just watching the episode on this big screen with all the lights down and through their PA system. So it just sounded like you were in some big movie theater. It was really cool. It was really special . . . We’re so used to having to work our asses off to get any kind of movement on the needle, and then all of a sudden you get this placement. I’m really thankful for it. It’s definitely new territory for us that we’re not used to at all. But I’m just extremely thankful for the nudge forward.”

Now, Shane Smith & the Saints are joining Whiskey Myers’ Tornillo Tour for dozens of dates this summer.