Shania Twain Cast in Major Role in ABC’s Live ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Special

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Jason Kempin / Staff)

ABC’s much anticipated Beauty and the Beast 30th anniversary special event is just around the corner. And now, new names have been added to the cast. Making us even more excited for the December 15 live musical premiere!

And, among these new cast members is country music superstar Shania Twain. That’s right, country music fans, Shania Twain is on her way to ABC for this upcoming special!

ABC’s Beauty and the Beast Live Musical Event Adds Shania Twain To The All-Star Cast

According to the latest reports, Shania Twain has stepped into the upcoming live musical event as the iconic Mrs. Potts. Fans remember that the original Disney Mrs. Potts was voiced in 1991 by Angela Lansbury for the Oscar-nominated animated film.

Also joining the cast is Martin Short. Short is portraying the poetic Lumiere in the upcoming production. David Alan Grier is taking on the role of Cogsworth.

These famous names are joining the cast that already includes Schitt’s Creek‘s Rizwan Manji who is taking on the role of LeFou. Broadway veteran Jon Jon Briones is portraying Maurice in the production. And Leo Abelo will be Shania Twain’s on-stage son little Chip. H.E.R is portraying Belle in the upcoming anniversary production.

The Queen Of Country-Pop Shares Her Thoughts On Her Iconic Style

Shania Twain is affectionately known as the “queen of country-pop music”. Additionally, the star is not slowing down at all decades after she made incredible waves with her hit single Any Man of Mine. This, of course, comes as the star recently released a brand-new single. Now, however, Shania Twain speaks out about her iconic fashion sense and what her statements mean to her.

“The iconic looks that I’m known for through my career go both ways,” Shania Twain shares in a recent Instagram post.

“[F]ashion doesn’t have a gender to me,” the star adds.

Twain adds that the photo shoot for her newest project wasn’t any different along these lines. She still got to play with “masculinity and femininity.”

“And the photoshoot for Waking Up Dreaming was no different,” Shania Twain adds “I wanted to play with masculinity and femininity,” she relates. “… as I have done my whole life.⁠”

Twain Brings Her Personal Style To Waking Up Dreaming

According to Shania Twain, the style when went for when doing her latest photo shoot was one that communicates being comfortable in her own skin. According to a discussion with The Sun, Twain’s focus was on focusing on being who she really is.

“I styled that photograph myself,” she says.

“It was all about taking off the bra, taking off the shirt, tying the shirt around my waist,” the star adds.

“This is a statement of being comfortable in my own skin,” Twain explains. “and just being really myself.”