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Shania Twain Causes ‘Mischief’ While Visiting the White House: See Pics, Video

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Shania Twain is getting into the holiday spirit in a big way, exploring the Christmas decor at the White House and causing a little bit of “mischief” during her visit. Check out the country music icon’s fun post below.

Dressed in a luxurious black floor-length coat and standing beneath glittery, white birch trees in the halls of the White House, Shania Twain joked in her caption, “Hi MTV welcome to my crib…just kidding, it’s THE White House.”

Photos show the “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” singer running through the Christmas decor of the White House with her tiny pup, Saffi, standing beneath an enormous Christmas tree, and hanging out with NCIS: Los Angeles star LL Cool J.

Shania Twain summed up the exciting day, “I was reunited with [Glorida Estefan]…[LL Cool J] was impressed with my cowboy hat filter. Saffi and I ran around causing mischief. What a surreal, beautiful day.”

As always, Shania Twain saw plenty of love in the comments section. However, handfuls of other fans scorned the 57-year-old star for embracing the welcome of the current administration.

“Don’t be [a part] of that crowd!!!” one fan begged. Another said, “Can’t believe you went there under this insane administration.”

Plenty of other Shania Twain fans simply took a moment to share their admiration for her work as an artist as well as for her beauty, for the beauty of the White House’s decor, and their excitement for the singer’s upcoming tour.

“The coat looks great!!” one commenter gushed. Another added, “Ahhh!! You look so lovely!”

Shania Twain Adds Several New Dates to ‘Queen of Me’ Tour

Although Shania Twain’s post at the White House supposedly cost her a number of followers—at least according to the comments section—she still has such a massive global fanbase that the award-winning singer-songwriter was forced to add several new dates to her already jam-packed Queen of Me Tour.

Per a post from late last month, Shania Twain revealed that handfuls of her shows have already sold out since announcing the tour. As such, the beloved country singer added extra dates in two different cities, and new performances in three additional venues overall.

Addressing fans in her post, she gushed, “The reaction to my Queen of Me Tour has been…just amazing!!! So many sold out shows…Sooooo we’re playing five more shows!!”

Tickets for the additional tour dates went on sale Friday, however, given the massive response to Shania Twain’s long-awaited tour, it’s likely tickets will again sell out. In fact, fans, disappointed by the insane demand for show accommodations began reporting more sold-out shows in the comments. Others begged for additional shows across Europe, in Nashville, across Texas, and more.