Shania Twain Looks Back on ‘Come On Over’ on 25th Anniversary of Iconic Album

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by: Margaret Norton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Shania Twain‘s iconic 1997 album Come On Over turns 25, and I can’t believe 1997 was 25 years ago. Wasn’t it just 2010? Existential crisis aside, to celebrate, the country music star posted on social media a video montage of her music videos from that era, plus some stats on the album itself. Come On Over included legendary songs like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and “You’re Still the One,” arguably some of Shania’s best-known songs.

On Instagram, she posted an amazing montage video featuring clips from her music videos and concerts from the time. “25 years ago I released Come On Over,” Shania wrote on Instagram, “and because of your support, that album went on to become:⁠ The biggest-selling studio album by a female artist of all time⁠; The best-selling country music album ever⁠; The biggest-selling album by a Canadian country artist⁠.”

Those are some amazing accolades for just one album. But, Come On Over is, honestly, the Shania Twain album. 1995’s The Woman in Me made No. 1 on the Canadian Country Charts, but Come On Over hit No. 1 almost across the world, with the exception of the German Music Charts, where it was No. 8, and the US Charts where it was No. 2. It did hit No. 1 on the US Country Charts, though, and that’s what matters: nearly all ones across the board. Incredibly impressive for her third album, and 25 years later Shania Twain is still a household name.

“Crazy. I couldn’t even imagine that in my wildest dreams!!” Shania concluded her message. “Thank you – Actually I should probably do something to celebrate it, right??” If she means releasing new music on the anniversary of her most iconic album, we’re all on board.

Shania Twain Announces New Album and Tour

Shania Twain recently announced she’ll be releasing her first full-length album since 2017 next year. Unsurprisingly, fans are beside themselves with excitement. The new album is called Queen of Me, and it releases on Feb. 3, 2023. She’s already released a few singles from the album, like “Waking Up Dreaming,” “Not Just a Girl,” and “Last Day of Summer.” Additionally, she’ll be on a new label for this album, switching to Republic Nashville.

“These days, I’m feeling very comfortable in my own skin – and I think this album reflects that musically,” Shania wrote in her social media announcement. “Life is short and I want to be uplifted, colorful, unapologetic and empowered. I want to carry a clear message, particularly as a woman, to always remember my power and I hope the songs are a reminder to you, of that same power inside you!”

She then announced her tour, mentioning closing her Vegas residency. “I want to celebrate this new chapter with you all on my tour!” she wrote. “Vegas has been a dream, but I’m ready to be on the road and sing with you, dance with you and have a kick ass night out with you! This one’s gonna be a big party – no inhibitions, no conditions, let’s get a little out of line!! I’ll be Queen Of Me – you be Queen of YOU!”