Shania Twain Reveals Inspiration Behind Racy Cover Art for Her Latest Single

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Shania Twain is a music icon. The singer/songwriter recently came out with a new single, and fans are loving it. Fans also can’t get enough of the eye-catching cover art. The Grammy-winning country hitmaker spoke about her the racy image in a recent interview.

The star spoke with The Sun about a new biopic and musical, and also gave insight into the cover art of her new single. She announced her single on Instagram on September 19 with the new cover art, and fans were ecstatic.

She wrote: “Every time I get to announce something like this I get such a rush of adrenaline and nerves – it never gets old… I am super excited to share with you that my new song ‘Waking Up Dreaming’ is coming out this Friday!! I’ve spent the last couple years working away on new music… on my documentary… on the Vegas residency and it’s been such a creatively fulfilling time for me, I can’t wait for this next chapter and Waking Up Dreaming is just the start.⁠ WAKING UP DREAMING Coming September 23rd.⁠
Pre-save link in bio.”

In the cover, Twain sports a white silk skirt around her waist, a cream-colored cowboy hat, and pinkish-purple marble effect cowgirl boots. She is shirtless on the cover, and has her arms over her chest. The cover is stunning, and she looks amazing as always.

“I styled that photograph myself. It was all about taking off the bra, taking off the shirt, tying the shirt around my waist,” Twain told The Sun. “This is a statement of being comfortable in my own skin and just being really myself.”

Because she is a woman in the industry, she is unfortunately used to negative comments about fashion/artistic choices. However, she has learned to ignore them.

Shania Twain Speaks About New Single, Biopic

“You have to be strong. I never really get angry with criticism,” she said. “You can’t please everybody, that’s normal.”

Twain also acknowledged the possibility of a biopic or musical, and it sounds like she would definitely be in.

“Yes. Both of those things are possibly in the future,” she said. “All sorts of things are in the pipeline. I’m writing songs all the time and the Netflix documentary [Not Just A Girl, released in July] has been a huge talking point in my life and career.”

Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl was released on Netflix this past summer, and the synopsis reads: “From Nashville, Tennessee, Shania Twain, a new singer and international talent, attempts to transcend genres across borders amid triumphs and setbacks to define herself as more than just a girl.”

The documentary was well-received.

“There’s all sorts of things coming up but things I probably can’t talk about right now. But I’ve got a very busy few years ahead of me,” the star hinted.