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Shania Twain Speaks on Being a Mentor to Young Country Stars on the Rise

by Craig Garrett
Shania Twain
(Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC)

At 57, country music superstar Shania Twain says she loves her role as a mentor to upcoming talent in the industry. Everyone from Kelsea Ballerini to Harry Styles, and even Rina Sawayama has publicly stated that she has been a great source of inspiration. Twain admitted in a recent interview that the new role made her feel like an “auntie”.

“Artists will ask for advice or will share stories and I feel a little bit like an aunt in a way. It sort of makes me feel auntie-ish, which I like. I enjoy it,” Twain told In Style. “I’m a nurturing person and I like to share my experiences. I’ve gone through them, so what good are they if I can’t pass them on or share them? It’s like dying with a good recipe. It’s a shame. Nobody wants to keep that for themselves. I enjoy passing any of it on.”

Twain even compared the situation to how she felt about Dolly Parton when she hit the scene in the 90s. “When I was in my 20s, if I could have just sat with Dolly [Parton] and had a conversation, it would’ve been just wonderful. So, I’m always happy to do it,” she explained.

When Twain took the stage with Harry Styles in a surprise performance during his show at Coachella, he had nothing but praise for her. “Now I have to tell you, in the car with my mother as a child, this lady taught me to sing,” Styles told the crowd. “She also taught me that men are trash but to you, for the memories you gave me with my mother, I will be forever grateful.”

Shania Twain is ‘expressing her truth’ in her latest album

In a recent appearance on the Today show, Twain said she chooses to embrace the beauty in herself while aging. “I wake up every day in the last few years really feeling a freedom I’ve never felt before. That is coming with the acceptance that I cannot slow the process of aging, that is out of my control, so I need to start enjoying aging and enjoying all that comes with that,” Twain explained.

Shania Twain then articulated how liberating it is to be able to accept her body for what it is and not feel the need or pressure to hide any of its perceived flaws under layers of clothes. “I love fashion and I love to wear things, I love texture and I love everything about fashion, and with fashion, we’re meant to try to wear things that are suitable for our body, for our shape, for our size,” she explained. “But there’s something about nudity that throws that all away for a minute and says how are you without any of that?”

Back in September, Twain unveiled her single “Waking Up Dreaming,” which appears on her latest album. The cover art of the single features a topless Twain. “This is me expressing my truth,” Twain told People at the time. “I’m comfortable in my own skin, and this is the way I am sharing that confidence.”