Shania Twain Speaks Out About Her ‘Iconic Looks,’ Says ‘Fashion Doesn’t Have a Gender’

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Queen of country-pop music Shania Twain recently released a new single. The star spoke about her iconic looks and shares her thoughts about fashion.

The singer/songwriter took to Instagram to share a video of a photoshoot she recently did. She captioned the past: “The iconic looks that I’m known for through my career go both ways – fashion doesn’t have a gender to me. And the photoshoot for Waking Up Dreaming was no different, I wanted to play with masculinity and femininity… as I have done my whole life.⁠”

Many fans praised her for sharing this. “Absolutely stunning what a class act…. Enough said,” one fan wrote.

The video included her cover photo for the new single, “Waking Up Dreaming.” Twain recently discussed the cover art in an interview.

“Waking Up Dreaming’s” photo is a stunning picture of Twain wearing a white silk skirt around her waist, a cream-colored cowboy hat, and pinkish-purple marble effect cowgirl boots. She is shirtless on the cover, and has her arms over her chest.

“I styled that photograph myself. It was all about taking off the bra, taking off the shirt, tying the shirt around my waist,” Twain told The Sun. “This is a statement of being comfortable in my own skin and just being really myself.”

It’s clear the topic is important to the star. She also spoke to the publication about ignoring hate that some women in the industry receive.

“You have to be strong. I never really get angry with criticism,” she said. “You can’t please everybody, that’s normal.”

Shania Twain Teases Possible Future Harry Styles Collab

Twain took the stage at Coachella this past spring with singer Harry Styles. The One Direction alum-turned-solo superstar has been a fan of the icon since he was very young.

The pair sang Twain’s hits  “You’re Still the One” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” together, and the performance was electric.

Onstage, Styles shared several memories of his childhood love of Twain, and even said she “taught him how to sing.”

“She also taught me that men are trash,” he also said. “But to you, for the memories you gave me with my mother, I will be forever grateful.”

Recently, Twain shared with EXTRA that she wants to collaborate with Styles on a future album.

“Well, not on this album, but in the future, I would say, ‘Yes,’” Twain said of collaborating with him. “I’m going to hold Harry to that.”

Considering fans’ reactions to the Coachella duet, it’s easy to assume pretty much everyone would be here for that collaboration.

“I think we surprised each other [with] just how natural it was. So, I do plan on [collaborating] with Harry at some point, for sure,” Twain said.