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Shania Twain Talks Drag Queen Shows in New Interview: ‘It Takes a Lot of Courage’

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Shania Twain is speaking out in support of the LGBTQ+ community and has a lot of respect for drag queens and their work. Twain said in an interview with GLAAD that she is “very inspired” by drag queens.

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“Drag shows are so fun,” she told GLAAD’s communications and talent Vice President Anthony Allen Ramos. “I’ve been to a couple of drag shows, big ones in Las Vegas. Obviously RuPaul’s Drag Race! I so admire the talent there…

Shania Twain Said Drag Queens ‘Do A Beautiful Job’ With Their Own Makeup

“It takes a lot of courage,” Twain said. “You’re taking on a lot. And then the makeup, the ability to put their own makeup on and do such a beautiful job.” She said that she has “learned a lot” from drag queens and that she never ceases to be amazed by their artistic flair and talent. “I think we need this inspiration,” she said. “We need drag queens to share their talent with us.”

Twain, 57, who’s had hits with Giddy Up and Man! I Feel Like a Woman, has long touted her support for the LGBTQ+ community. She spoke out against any attempt to suppress their sexuality during the interview as well. She said that she “resented society” for making people feel like an “outsider.”

Ramos, after pointing to Twain’s Instagram post from last Pride Month in which she wrote that her music has been “all about inclusivity,” asked Twain what compelled her to become such a strong ally for the community, Fox News reports.

“I’ve had so many friends in my life from early on that I would say… some openly, some not-so-openly who’ve struggled with their sexuality,” Twain said. “When I was younger, I would say I even resented society for making anyone feel like an outsider.

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“I’m just an all-inclusive person… we need more love in the world,” Twain said. She added, “When I got into the industry, at the time there was no being a member of the LGBTQ community…So many of the creatives in my teams are part of the LGBTQ community [today], so yeah, I feel great.”

In her tweet from last June, Twain also wished her fans a Happy Pride Month. She wrote, “My music has always been about inclusivity. I believe in equality and in community. Period. The LGBTQ+ community has impacted my life in such a beautifully meaningful way and I’m deeply grateful for your love and support. I stand with you, forever and for always.”