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Shay Mooney’s Cowboy Nephew Has the Internet in a Frenzy

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Although he’s famous in his own right, it seems country music hitmaker Shay Mooney’s cowboy nephew is stealing some of the spotlight with his adorableness. 

According to Taste of Country, Shay Mooney’s sister, Erica Bankston, shared an adorable video of her five-year-old dressed as a cowboy. The clip sent the internet into a frenzy. It generated more than 770,000 likes, 3,800 comments, and more than 21,000 shares on TikTok. “Our son is 5 years old and walks around like a grown blue collar cowboy and takes his coffee black,” Mooney’s sister captioned the video. 

@ericabankston Cowboy hat and wranglers everyday…I melt. #cowboy #mamascowboy #wranglers #bluecollarboys #bluecollar #countryboy #westerntiktok #cowboytiktok ♬ Blue Collar Boys – Luke Combs

Meanwhile, Shay Mooney recently took a look back at the progress he has made over the past few years. “It’s weird not recognizing yourself,” Mooney wrote in an Instagram post, which features a video of pictures and clips of his personal and professional life. “I got to a place mentally and physically that I will never go again.

Shay Mooney also pointed out that it matters what everyone eats and who they spend time with. “It matters what you choose to spend your time on. I’m so thankful for the people in my life that helped me make a change. No one forced me into this. I wanted to change my life for me. I’ve never felt more alive. I’m not looking for mediocrity…let’s go find greatness.”

Shay Mooney Recently Shared What Inspired His Weight-Loss Journey 

During a recent appearance on TODAY, Shay Mooney spoke about what really inspired his weight-loss journey. The country music star lost more than 50 pounds. 

“I gotta stand next to this guy all of the time,” Shay Mooney stated about being next to his bandmate Dan Smyers. “I had this moment where I was just not feeling healthy. It wasn’t necessarily for my appearance, but it was to feel healthy. And I’m down about 53 or 54 pounds.”

Shay Mooney previously spoke about his weight loss journey on Instagram. “Thank you guys so much for all your kind words about me looking healthy,” he shared. “Really means a lot. Been a little over 5 months, I believe, and I’m down almost 50lbs.”

While revealing the secret to losing weight, Shay Mooney stated that he’s been eating clean, not drinking alcohol, and walking seven miles a day with some weight lifting. “That’s it! I completely changed my lifestyle and I’ve never felt better physically, mentally, and spiritually.” 

Along with losing weight, Shay Mooney is currently preparing to become a dad of three kids. Mooney announced that he and his wife Hannah Love Mooney are expecting their third baby in early 2023. The couple already has two children, Asher and Ames. “It’s already very loud, including myself,” Mooney said. “My wife is going to have three, well four, children to take care of now including myself.”