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Start Your Weekend Right with Cody Johnson’s New Live Album

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Cody Johnson announced that he had three new albums in the works. Today, he released the first of those projects. Johnson and the band recorded their live album in June during back-to-back-to-back sold-out shows on his summer tour.

In recent years, CoJo has proven himself to be an expert showman as well as a singer and songwriter. Everyone who sees him and his band live comes away believing that Johnson is destined to be one of the biggest names in country music. Now, his latest double album, Cody Johnson & The Rockin’ CJB Live gives listeners a taste of what they can expect from one of those storied concerts.

In a statement, Cody Johnson said, “There is nothing I enjoy more than getting to play live shows with this band. We’ve traveled a lot of miles in the last 15 years and lived a lot of life together. This record is allowing us to deliver a live concert directly to the fans.”

The fact that Cody Johnson and his band have been together for so long and the fact that they love what they do are evident on this album. The band and Johnson are airtight throughout the record’s 27 tracks.

Cody Johnson & The Rockin’ CJB Live features live cuts of some fan favorites. You get “Me and My Kind,” “Human,” “Dear Rodeo,” “’Til You Can’t,” and many more. Additionally, the album contains intros to some of Johnson’s best-loved songs. So, listeners get a little information about some of their favorite songs before hearing CoJo and the boys play it live.

Cody Johnson Gets Honest on His Live Album

One of the highlights of the album is hearing Cody Johnson interact with his fans. During the intro to his hit single “Human,” Johnson opens up about health issues that almost took him completely out of the game.

“How many of you tonight have seen me play a show since 2017,” Cody Johnson asked the crowd. They answer with a chorus of cheers before e continues. “If you’ve seen me play a show since 2017, you’ve seen me play a show in absolutely excruciating pain. I never knew where the pain was coming from. It started in my fingers, it went to my hand, it went to my arm and started up my arm and went to my neck. I always just thought ‘Power through it,’” he said.

It all came to a head in December of 2021. Cody Johnson finally sought medical attention and found that he had a neck injury that could take the use of his right arm from him. It was during his recovery that he started thinking about all of the things he almost lost. When he heard “Human” it resonated deeply with him because of that experience.