Summer Pardi Reveals How She Broke Pregnancy News to Jon Pardi

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT/Viacom)

Summer and Jon Pardi recently shared that they’re expecting their first child. And the way that Summer broke the news to her Country crooning husband has fans in tears.

The mom-to-be had been trying to conceive for over two years. And as she shared with People, the process was often heartbreaking. So when she finally saw two blue lines, she knew she had to give Jon a reveal that he’d always remember.

The couple kept the pregnancy under wraps for a few months. But now that the world knows, Summer is finally sharing the story behind the reveal with her Instagram followers.

“How I told @jonpardi we were pregnant,” she captioned in a post on Sept. 25.

In a black and white video paired with Ruelle’s I Get To Love You, Summer records herself posting a “Baby On Board” sign and her positive pregnancy test to the back of a boat. Shortly after, Jon Pardi walks in to inspect the craft and is confused when he sees the surprise.

“We had just gotten our new boat,” she continued. “And I said there was a big scratch on the back of it. Even with the baby on board sign AND pregnancy test he still didn’t get it.. he thought I was just making fun of him because the boat was his new baby.”

Though Summer kept the conversation private, the footage shows Jon slowly realizing that the sign wasn’t a joke.

“5 minutes later, he was blasting baby shark in the kitchen, already thriving hahah.”

Jon Pardi is Ready to ‘Have Someone to Ride Around the Ranch With’

“I’m ready to start a new adventure with my wonderful wife Summer and our new little one – Pardi of three!” Jon told People. “I’m really excited to meet our baby and to have someone to ride around the ranch with.” 

During the exclusive interview, Summer admitted that her fertility issues made the past two years “interesting” and shared that the constant “ups and downs” were hard on them. Initially, they had been seeing specialists. But after one too many failed attempts at conception, they decided to take a break. And that was apparently exactly what they needed.

“After years of no luck and meeting with doctors who just didn’t feel like the right fit, we decided to take a break, leave it in God’s hands and just enjoy each other and this crazy, fun life we live together… And then surprise, we’re pregnant!” Summer shared.

Overall, Summer says the pregnancy has been easy on her, aside from the usual exhaustion. And now that the secret is out, she’s enjoying the experience. And she’s counting down the days until she watches Jon Pardi become a father.

“He’s such a big kid at heart,” she continued. “Always the life of the party and has such positive energy, so I can only imagine how much fun this little Pardi addition will be for him and our family. I know [being parents] is going to be the greatest gift in the world.”