Tanya Tucker Shows Up in Hologram Form to Surprise Chapel Hart on ‘AGT’ Finale: VIDEO

by Blake Ells

It was quite a journey for Chapel Hart on America’s Got Talent. The Mississippi trio got the rare golden buzzer to send them straight to the live shows, and they won over huge celebrity fans. A couple of those showed up during the finale. Darius Rucker performed with the ladies, and Tanya Tucker beamed in from Nashville via hologram. Check out the clip below.

“Surprise! It’s Tanya. Chapel Hart, y’all are so great. And congratulations on everything you do. America’s Got Talent? You’re right about that,” Tanya Tucker said when she appeared.

It’s some kind of technology. All of the contestants met with someone via the machine. Most were folks from back home; friends or loved ones. None were more famous than Tanya Tucker who beamed in to chat with the girls from Mississippi.

Tanya Tucker tweeted about her surprise appearance.

“Surprised Chapel Hart last night on America’s Got Talent! You girls are a real winner in my book! Y’all are so GREAT & CONGRATS on everything! Us girls gotta stick together! This is only the beginning…a dream written down with a date…becomes a goal! Never stop believing in what you do!” Tanya Tucker captioned the video clip.

Chapel Hart began their careers in rural Mississippi before moving to New Orleans, La. They’ve been playing club shows across the South for several years. They had their first big break when Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top found them and asked them to open some shows for the band. He also starred in one of their music videos. The girls have since affectionately referred to him as “Uncle Billy.” But they hadn’t quite found the potential of their audience until now. After their America’s Got Talent success, the sky is the limit.

Chapel Hart Set for Grand Ole Opry Debut

That starts on Saturday when Chapel Hart makes its Grand Ole Opry debut. They’d hoped to do it a couple of months ago, but there was a scheduling conflict and it was pushed back. The day finally arrives on Saturday, September 17. It’s a pretty big bill this AmericanaFest week in Nashville. They’ll be joined by Everette, Sunny Sweeney, Alex Williams and Opry members Charlie McCoy, Jeannie Seely, Mark Wills and the newest Opry member, Don Schlitz. The show starts at 7 p.m. and it streams on WSM.

They’ll leave the Opry and head to Nashville Palace on the same night. That’s across town, so it’ll probably be 10 p.m. or so before that one starts. But their touring schedule has never once slowed down through this process. They were on the road the whole time. After Nashville, they’re off to Louisiana on September 23. They have dates that take them right up to Christmas. Check all of them out and get ticket information at their website.